Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Best Slashers of the 1980's Part 2

Well, I am back with some more gems from the greatest genre in the world: horror! Last time, I looked back at some great slashers I have enjoyed over the years. Here are some more!

Let me begin in 1982. Alone in the Dark is a thriller/horror with a great cast. It is about a group of psychiatric patients who escape and go looking for their doctor to kill him. It stars Jack Palance, Donald Pleasence, Martin Landau and Dwight Schultz. Technically it isn't a slasher, but I just threw it in because of the great cast. Honeymoon Horror was a slasher released in this year and even though the movie looks cheap and the acting is a bit ropey, it deserves a mention. Jason made an appearance in Friday the 13th Part 3 and he killed more people. Dario Argento lit up this year giving us the fantastic Tenebrae. It is a real classic and it is one of his best offerings.It is probably the best of the horror movies released in this year Slumber Party Massacre is a classic slasher movie with plenty of gore! The New York Ripper(which I reviewed here) is a low budget horror movie directed by the great Lucio Fulci and it is brutal and violent, but it is worth watching. It is kind of a cult classic now and a must for any horror fan. The Dorm that Dripped Blood  was another by the numbers slasher movie but still it is worth a watch. These are the best movies from 1982 in the slasher genre.

1983 dawned and there were some more decent offerings in horror. My favourite would have to be Psycho 2(reviwed here).  Anthony Perkins came back as Norman Bates and the killings began again, but is it Norman? Great movie and the story is very good too. Sleepaway Camp is a classic slasher and it stood above a lot of other releases. There have been many sequels, but this one is the best.If you haven't seen it, watch it straight away!Another slasher which was decent is The House on Sorority Row. It has the usual slasher plot, but I liked it(I reviewed it here). A Blade in the Dark was directed by Lamberto Bava and it is a decent giallo movie and I think it deserves a mention here. A Night to Dismember is a really bad horror movie released in this year and even though it is rubbish, I didn't want to leave it out. I have reviewed it here. It is definitely one that I would not watch again! If I have left anything out, let me know!


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