Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hell's Kitchen Season 9 Episode 1

It's back!!!!!It is season 9 of the great Hell's Kitchen and I am enjoying it once again. There are more irritating, stupid, useless and big headed cooks than ever before and I have singled out the people I do not like already!

So, it begins with the usual introductions of the cooks who think that they are brilliant and when they cook their signature dish , some are good and some are terrible. The prize this year is a job as head chef at the BLT Steak in New York City. The salary is $250,000. Not bad! So, firstly , Elise is annoying me. She has a serious attitude problem and she is going to butt heads with everyone she meets. The chefs present their dishes and it is men versus women(Watch the video above).Will presents his and he is one to watch as Chef Ramsay likes it. The men win the challenge and go to eat at some fancy restaurant while the women have to clean both kitchens. Next day, service begins and the cooks get ready. Elise is overpowering already. In the men's kitchen, Jason(pictured below) is having problems. He feels very ill and he is taken away in an ambulance and he bows out of Hell's Kitchen. The men are down one person.

The men continue on anyway. Hell's Kitchen opens and Elise pisses off Chef Ramsay straight away with her big mouth.Monterray messes up and gets yelled at. In the red kitchen, Elise hands up a terrible risotto to Chef Ramsay and he is disgusted. Krupa helps out. Steven is annoying the chefs in the blue kitchen. He is cooking too fast. Krupa gives Chef Ramsay a proper risotto and Elise is pissed off. The blue team is falling behind.
Chino gives Chef Ramsay a burnt piece of fish and everyone is annoyed at him. He is sent out of the kitchen and he has to peel loads of  garlic. Krupa goes from strength to strength. She is pretty good. Steven(pictured below) is slow in service and he holds everything up. He is sent out of the kitchen also. Tommy is sent out after his food is not up to scratch.

In the red kitchen, Carrie can't cook her food properly and she is holding up everything. Monterray messes up his garnish and gets shouted at. Elise is throwing her weight around and gets thrown out of the kitchen.
Brendan is on garnish now and he is being watched by everyone. He is standing over his potatoes which are burning. Paul and Brendan are at each other's throats. The customers are leaving Hell's Kitchen. They have to stop. Elise and Carrie shout at each other. Chef Ramsay tells them it was the worst opening to Hell's Kitchen ever. Brendan and Paul argue with each other. The men lose. They have to pick two and they choose Steven and Monterray. Chef Ramsay picks out another person: Chino. Steven is the one to leave. It is a good decision because he just wasn't up to it.


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