Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hells Kitchen Season 9, Episode 2

 Last time, Jason and Steve went home. The men lost and they are not happy about it. They want to get better without the bickering.

The chefs are woken up by some annoying kid on an electric guitar. They run down and they have to pair up and cook steak in different ways. Will is on his own on the grill and he manages to get all of his meat perfect. This means that the men win the challenge. The girls start bitching once again and blaming each other. The men go to Palm Springs while the women have to clean the grills and they have to carry the meat delivery inside. Carrie and Eilse start fighting. Elise is an obnoxious, irritating cow and the sooner she is gone the better.The girls study their menu and they think that the men will fall behind. Carrie chats to Brendan and the other girls look on with scowls on their faces. I think that they are jealous of her.

That night, Elise starts barking orders at the others and they wonder who made her the boss? Jennifer wrecks up her first salad. I think she isn't great. In the men's team, Chino hands Chef Ramsay a burnt risotto, twice!!!!! He is a weak player. Carrie is making Caesar salad at the tables and she is getting confused. Brendan doesn't communicate with the others and they have food cooked but other food not ready. Chef Ramsay tells them they need to talk to each other. Chef Ramsay catches Brendan in a lie and his is disgusted with him. Everyone is annoyed.

Meanwhile, Elise is shouting at everyone and annoying everybody including Chef Ramsay. She points at him and he is pissed. He threatens her. He puts her in her place. Krupa is bringing the prime rib to the tables when she drops it on the floor. Brendan serves raw fish and Chef Ramsay and he explodes. He throws them out. He gets the girls to come in to their kitchen and finish their service. The men are pissed off. They have to pick two people to go home. Brendan and Chino are chosen. Brendan is sent home(watch video above) because he lied and he is just a crap cook....I was happy with that...Chef Ramsay asks one of the women to go to the men's team. The men are not pleased....


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