Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hells Kitchen, Season 9 Episode 4

It's time for another dose of reality chef show Hell's Kitchen. Last week, we said goodbye and good riddance to Amanda who was a mediocre cook at best.

After the elimination, the red team go back to the dorm and guess what? Big loud mouth Elise is moaning about Carrie once again. Krupa moves out of the room with Elise because she can't stand her. The next morning, the chefs have to catch chickens and for each one they catch, they get an ingredient. They have to produce four chicken dishes. The red team win the challenge and obnoxious Elise takes the credit as usual. They go go karting. The blue team have to make chicken stock for service. Elise manages to piss off Andi, Chef Ramsay's helper on the show by being really disrespectful. If she was in a job, Elise would be fired for that. 

Service begins and they have to cook for special guests. In the red kitchen, Elise can't cook her scallops properly. Jonathan can't make a salad properly. Elise and Carrie bicker once again and everyone is getting tired of it. Monterray is not able to cook his fish. He has an argument with Chef Scott. The whole blue team seems to be falling apart. Will tries to pull it together. Gina messes up in the kitchen and gets caught. Chino can't time his meat properly and he holds up the kitchen. Elise has her sea bass overcooked and another one raw. So much for her thinking she is the best. Meanwhile, in the blue kitchen, Chino has served raw meat.
He gets in trouble. Chef Ramsay shuts them down and throws them out of the kitchen. The red team have to cover.

Gina serves raw meat also and this makes Chef Ramsay shut down the red kitchen and gets Chef Scott and Chef Andi finish up. That night, there is no winning team so they each have to choose two people for elimination. The blue team pick Monterray and Chino and the red team pick Elise and Carrie. Chef Ramsay sends Chino home and not before time. He was lost in the kitchen and he just couldn't keep up.


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