Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Silent House Movie Review 206

 The Silent House is a 2010 horror movie which is from Uruguay and it is directed by Gustavo Hernandez Perez and stars Florencia Colucci and Gustavo Alonso.

The movie begins with a girl called Laura(Colucci) and her dad Wilson(Alonso) who are going to this old abandoned house to clean it up and repair it too. The owner wants to sell it. There is no light inside the house so they have lamps and candles to wander around with. Laura looks around the spooky house.She hears a noise in the house and she tells her dad who goes to check it out. She hears her dad screaming and then more mysterious noises. She pulls out a scythe from her bag and goes to look for him. She manages to bump into him and he is dead. She tries to get out of the house but it is locked up. Someone places a doll beside her dad and puts on some creepy music. She goes upstairs to see where the music is coming from. There is nobody there. She finds a camera and takes a picture with it. She hears more noises.

She hides and turns off the light.She sees a man with a knife. She comes out again but is caught . She manages to get away out of the house. She runs into the owner of the house who just happens to be around and she tells him what happened. He drives her back to the house (bad move) and he tells them that he will look around.They both go upstairs and find that the dad has been moved. Nestor gets attacked. Who is in the Silent House? Who is killing people? Watch the movie and find out. Warning though: this movie has bad writing and the plot is not great. The movie is one long series of Laura wandering around the dark house with a lamp jumping every time she hears a noise. That's it really. One or two good scares but the rest is just kind of dull after a while.I would give it a 3/10.


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