Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 4

This week's episode begins with  the rest of the group arriving at the house. Carl is looking a bit better. They all catch up on things and they have a service for Otis. They ask Shane to say a few words. He feels guilty about what happened to Otis. He lies about it. Daryl is still looking for Sophia. Dr.Greene doesn't want guns coming onto his property. The group decide to leave their guns in a safe place. Maggie wants to go with Glenn to look for medical supplies. Andrea is not happy about surrendering their guns and she talks to Shane about it. Dr. Greene tells them that they will have to leave once Carl is back to full health. T-Dog is feeling much better too.

Dale and the others find a well but they see that there is a walker inside in it. Glenn has to go down and put a rope around its neck. The rope almost breaks and Glenn is frightened, but they manage to get him out. The walker is pulled out of the well, but his rotten body breaks in half and contaminates the water supply. Meanwhile, Daryl is searching for Sophia. He comes upon a house and he sees that someone has been hiding there. He can't find anything else and he arrived back empty handed. He brings back a flower for Carol and tells her that he will not give up looking. Glen and Maggie reach a pharmacy and they get some stuff. They decide to have sex also! Rick talks to Dr. Greene about staying on. The doctor says that maybe they can. Glenn was asked by Lori to get something for her and it turns out that it is a pregnancy test! He gives it to Lori and she takes it. She is pregnant!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

American Horror Story,Season 1, Episode 4

This episode begins in 2010. There is a gay couple living in the house. They are arguing. One of them, Chad(Zachary Quinto) sees a person in the rubber suit and he is killed by it. His lover Pat(Teddy Sears) walks in on it...Cut to present day and Marcy is trying to make the house look good for prospective buyers. Ben is being plagued by Larry who demands his money. Tate wants help from Ben but Ben can't meet him in the house. He tells him to meet him at a coffee shop. Vivian is having a new alarm, system fitted. Vivian and Ben meet with two possible buyers and they are Chad and Pat.

Adelaide gets a makeover from Violet.Constance is not happy about it. Tate and Violet chat and he brings out a Ouija Board but Violet does not want to mess with it. Tate meets with Ben and  they talk. Constance buys a mask of a pretty girl for Adelaide. It is Halloween and she is going out trick or treating. Vivian discovers that Hayden is still in the picture. She is very annoyed. Meanwhile, Chad starts acting strangely in the house and Vivian has to tell him to leave. Vivian gets pains in her stomach and has to go to hospital. Adelaide is knocked down by a car and she is killed. Moira visits her sick mother who is attached to machines. She plugs them out and as her mother dies she asks her to come with her but Moira can't. She is stuck in the house.

There is banging at the front door and Violet sees that it is the weird guy, Larry. He is looking for Ben and his  money. Violet calls Ben and he tells her not to open the door.Vivian and Ben come back from the hospital and Violet has gone. Hayden is at the front door...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fright Movie Review 210

Fright is a British horror/thriller movie released in 1972. It is directed by Peter Collinson who also directed The Italian Job(1969). It stars Susan George(Straw Dogs), Honor Blackman(The Avengers), George Cole(Minder) and Dennis Waterman(Minder and The Sweeney).

The movie begins with a young college girl called Amanda(George) who is going to babysit for the night. She arrives at the house and the mother, Helen Lloyd(Blackman) answers the door. She introduces her to her husband Jim(Cole) and their son Tara. They chat for a while. Helen seems a little on edge. They eventually leave and Amanda is left alone in their large house. She is a little spooked by the noises from the house. She hears a tapping noise and opens the back door to see what it is. It is just a tree branch making the noise. She goes  back inside and the lights go out in the living room. Someone knocks on the front door. Amanda is scared. It turns out to be her boyfriend, Chris(Waterman). Meanwhile, Helen and Jim are out in a restaurant. They are celebrating her divorce.

Back at the creepy house, Amanda lets Chris in and they chat. He tries to scare her for fun, but she gets very annoyed with him. He tells Amanda that Jim isn't Helen's husband. Helen was married to a man who tried to kill her and Tara. He is currently residing in a mental institution somewhere. This scares Amanda even more. Helen and Jim are chatting about her estranged husband, Brian(Ian Bannen). Helen is talking to their friend, Dr. Cordell(John Gregson) who has joined them. He thinks that Helen can't let go of what happened with Brian and it is affecting her. Chris and Amanda are having some fun but he goes too far and Amanda throws him out of the house. While he is outside, he sees another person lurking around. The person attacks him.

Meanwhile, someone rings the doorbell and Amanda assumes that it is Chris messing with her. She sees a face at the window and it is not Chris'. She calls the restaurant and when Helen comes to the phone, the line goes dead. Helen is worried that something is wrong, but her hubby and friend convince her that she is overreacting. Dr. Cordell calls the mental institution to find out about Brian and is told that he has escaped. Helen, Dr. Cordell and Jim jump into the car to get back to the house. Amanda is terrified by Brian who is banging at the front door . She opens the front door and Chris falls in, bloodied. Amanda is hysterical . Dr. Cordell informs the police. Amanda runs into Brian and thinks that he is a kindly neighbour. He soothes her and she doesn't realise that he is Helen's mad ex husband. When she does realise, she tries to escape,but it is too late. Brian holds her and Tara hostage until Helen and the police arrive to get him to release them.

This was a good thriller. I enjoyed the first hour but the end part was a little silly. If you have watched this movie, then you will know what I mean. When Amanda finally realises that Brian is mad, she totally overreacts and this is really silly. But, all in all, it is a good watch and there is some good acting..I will give this a 6/10.

Monday, November 21, 2011

American Horror Story, Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3 begins in 1983. The housekeeper, Moira O' Hara(Frances Conroy) is being groped by her boss. He tries to rape her but Constance shoots him and then Moira because he was her husband. Cut to present day and Vivian and Ben are arguing.Vivian wants to leave the house but Ben tells her to wait. Ben thinks that she needs therapy. Marcy(Christine Estabrook) is their estate agent and she tells Vivian that the house will be hard to sell. Vivian insists that she start getting it on the market.

Meanwhile, Constance and Moira are arguing over the past. Ben fires Moira but she won't leave. It turns out that the house is on a horror tour of the area. Ben thinks that Moira has taken his tape recorder and she will not give it to him. He sees her as young and erotic. Hayden shows up and she tells him that she did not have the abortion after all. She is going to move near him and have his baby. She wants money and she wants him to keep her in an apartment. A detective comes to the house and he is looking for a missing patient of Ben's. Cut to olden days and a man called Charles Montgomery builds the house for his wife. Turns out he went mad and experimented on animals in the basement. He also performs illegal abortions.

Ben meets Larry Harvey again. Larry used to live in the house until he went mad and set it on fire. Vivian has a visitor. It is Nora Montgomery(Lily Rabe) who is the wife of Charles Montgomery. She pretends that she is interested in buying the house. Vivian shows her around and Nora becomes very upset when she sees that some of the house has been changed. Then, suddenly, she has gone. Meanwhile, the detective has found Ben's patient and she had Ben's tape recorder on her. Violet is not happy about moving home yet again.
Hayden shows up at the house and is killed by Larry who insists that he did it for Ben. He wants $1,000 in return. Ben builds a gazebo over where he buried her body. Vivian is unaware of all of this and sleeps upstairs with Nora watching over her.....

Another good episode of this new horror series. It reminds me of The Amityville Horror sometimes. There are so many twists and turns, but it is interesting....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The House That Would Not Die Movie Review 209

 The House That Would Not Die is a made for TV movie from 1970. It is directed by John Llewellyn Moxey and was produced by Aaron Spelling. It stars Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Egan, Kitty Winn and Michael Anderson Jr.

Ruth Bennett(Stanwyck) and her niece Sara Dunning(Winn) move into an old house left to Ruth by a dead aunt.They meet their neighbour, Pat McDougal(Egan) when he drops by to welcome them to the neighbourhood. Patrick invites them over to dinner and Ruth and Patrick become very good friends. A medium called Sylvia is at Patrick's house and she tells Ruth that she wants to have a seance in the house. Thinking that it is just fun, Ruth agrees and invites everyone. Meanwhile, at Pat's house, Sara meets Stan(Anderson Jr) and they get along well.Sara manages to get hold of an old picture and she brings it into the house. Ruth begins to have weird dreams where she hears someone calling out. Ruth asks Sara if she heard the calling and Sara didn't.

The seance takes place and the medium, Sylvia begins to feel that there is something wrong in the house. She  lets out a piercing scream which spooks everyone. Sara begins to act strangely and the picture she bought falls into the fire and gets burned. That night, Ruth hears Sara crying in her room. She asks Ruth to help her and then tries to kill her. Suddenly, she collapses and the next day, remembers nothing about it. Pat thinks that she is going crazy and wants to put her in a hospital but Stan doesn't agree. Stan tells them that he saw a face at the seance and that he thinks that Sara is being possessed by a ghost. Pat disagrees. Stan wants to research the history of the house and see what a ghost could want with Sara.

Ruth decides that she wants to leave the house because of the way that Sara is acting, but Sara doesn't want to. Stan and Pat stay the night and Stan goes to the attic where he finds an old diary. He is going to read it but a sudden gust of wind throws it into the fire where it is destroyed. He tells Pat and Ruth what happened. Pat thinks he imagined it. Ruth wants to leave so they go and stay at Pat's. Ruth and Pat go back to the house and look through the attic. They find an old writing desk and in it is a bible and a scroll. The scroll tells of a General whose daughter was a young woman called Amanda. She looked after the General for years after her mother's death and when she met a young man called Anthony and fell in love, she disappeared. They think that she ran off with the young man.

There is another seance and Sylvia screams once more. She says that there is something evil in the house and that they should leave immediately. The next day, Ruth and Stan look through the cellar for anything of use.
Pat and Sara go into town and search too and they find a notice from that time from the General begging his daughter to return home. That night, Sara is possessed by Amanda and this time Pat is possessed by the General. He pushes Stan out of the way and he pushes Ruth. He is going to kill Stan when Ruth smashes a vase over his head, stopping him. They all sit around wondering what is going on when Sara begins writing something. It turns out that Amanda's love, Anthony, found out that the General was working with the British and that he was betraying his country. He went to tell the General what he knew. They all go back to the house and search through the cellar. This time, they find human bones and a pocket watch. It is Anthony's.

The General was so angry at Amanda's plans to elope that he killed Anthony and buried him in the basement. But, Stan also finds a hair comb with Amanda's name on it, so it turns out that he killed his own daughter too.
He put the notice up so that people would think that the couple eloped. The General appears through Pat and Sara is possessed by Amanda who confronts her father. He is finally free and so is Amanda. They leave the cellar. A voice is heard which we assume is the General , begging for forgiveness. This was an entertaining movie. It is a little tame compared to today's movies, but I liked it. I enjoyed the story and it was well made for it's time. I would recommend it for a Sunday afternoon....It gets a 6/10.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 3

 This week's episode begins with Shane shaving his head. He looks disturbed. Cut to Shane and Otis running from the walkers. Rick and Lori are waiting for them to return. Daryl and Andrea are still looking for Sophie. Shane and Otis are in trouble. Otis tells Shane he will try and distract them so Shane can get out with the respirator. Otis runs off and Shane jumps out of the window, hurting his leg. He hears gunshots. Meanwhile, T-Dog and Glenn reach the doctors house where they meet Rick and Lori.

Lori and Rick talk and Lori wonders if Carl is better off dead because of the horrible world that they are now living in. Rick is horrified. Shane and Otis battle their way through the walkers. Carl wakes up and he is in a bad way. He has a seizure and he needs more blood. The doctor wants to operate on Carl as he can't wait much longer for Shane and Otis to return. Otis and Shane are still on the run and they are running out of bullets. As the doctor tells Rick and Lori he needs to operate, Shane shows up, alone. He says Otis is dead. The doctor performs his operation and Carl is stable afterwards.

We cut back to Shane and Otis and we find out that they were desperate, running out of bullets. They were really in trouble and Shane decided to shoot Otis and leave him for the walkers. Otis wasn't going down quietly and he left a mark on Shane. Shane beats Otis and throws him to the walkers as he escaped. The episode closes with Shane shaving his hair off.  This was a good episode and it leaves me wondering about Shane. Is he a good or a bad guy????

Friday, November 11, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 Movie Review 208

Paranormal Activity 3 is a 2011 sequel to the original movie. It is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. It stars Christopher Nicholas Smith and Lauren Bittner.

The movie is a prequel and it begins when Katie brings over some old videotapes to her sister's house. They are from 1988 and her sister's husband wants to look through them. We go back to a young Katie and her sister Kristi. They are living with their parents Julie(Bittner) and husband Dennis(Smith).It is Katie's birthday and we find out that Kristi has an imaginary friend. A strange shaking through the house urges Dennis to set up a camera in the house. Julie isn't very comfortable with it. There are noises throughout the house. We cut to different night and things begin to happen in their  house.

Kristi is sleepwalking and she is talking to Toby, her imaginary friend. Dennis sees this on camera and he talks to her about it.She tells him that Toby is very old. There are other disturbances in the house such as noises and lights turning on and off. Kristi is becoming scared of Toby and she tries to shut him out but to no avail.
Dennis gets worried as he can see that there is something wrong in the house. Dennis has a pal called Randy and when he is babysitting the girls, he comes into contact with something nasty and he is scared. He races out of the house. He tells Dennis about it. Dennis tells Julie, but she thinks that he is imagining these things.
When everything goes haywire, they leave the house and head to grandma's. Has the spirit followed them????
Watch it and find out...

This movie wasn't good at all. It was just more of the same. It is a copy of the other two movies in the series and it is to be avoided unless you are a glutton for punishment. It is a weak movie and it is obvious that this movie series has run its course. It gets a 2/10.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monster Man Movie Review 207

Monster Man is a 2003 horror movie written and directed by Michael Davis who was also responsible for Shoot Em Up. It stars Eric Jungmann, Justin Urich and Aimee Brooks.

The movie begins with a guy called Adam(Jungmann) driving cross country. His friend, Harley(Urich) has come along for the ride. They are passed by a weird car/truck with blacked out windows. They stop at a gas station and Harley makes fun of the hillbilly locals(as you do!) and he makes them angry. Later, a huge monster truck is chasing them and it runs them off of the road. Their car gets battered and they need gas. They find a Winnebago and they look inside only to find a dead body. They get the gas and head back on the road where they meet a cute girl,Sarah(Brooks). She is hitchhiking and of course, they pick her up.

Adam and co. stop at another gas station and Adam goes to use the bathroom. Harley spots the monster truck and in his wisdom, decides to pee on it. The guy is coming out so Adam and the others get going. They stay at a motel that night and they see the Winnebago on the news. Adam is scared  and he wants to call the cops but he doesn't. Harley finds a dead cat in his bed and they decide to leave. Sarah decides to come with them.Adam calls the cops and tells them about the monster truck. They go out to a bar that night and notice that the locals are all missing limbs. Harley is annoying everyone as usual . Sarah and Adam have sex. They see someone being killed by the monster truck. The cops arrive but they can't find any evidence and think that it is a prank.

They talk to a local man who tells them that he met a huge demon who took his arm and it happened to lots of locals hence all of the missing limbs. They continue on their journey and they come across the monster truck once again. It chases them and they run into the woods. The demon finds them and it takes Sarah. Adam follows it. He finds Sarah in a shack and he thinks that the demon killed Harley. Sarah is tied to a chair and there is a weird mangled body in there which is alive. Adam unties Sarah and thinks that they will escape. Sarah hits him with his shovel. She is in on it! Sarah is the sister of Brother Bob, the monster man. The mangled body is her other brother Fred. It turns out that Bob ran his truck over Fred and squished him. Sarah sewed him back together and with witchcraft, she brought him back to life. He needs people to give their blood so he can be restored. These people are the victims of monster man. Their legs and arms are for Fred. Sarah tells Adam that she needs him for Fred.Adam escapes and he is chased by monster man. He manages to kill Sarah and Fred. He injures monster man and he meets Harley. They run over monster man with his own truck!!!!Of course monster man can still talk and Fred is still alive!!!!

A poor movie with nothing special about it. It was mildly entertaining and SO predictable. I wouldn't go out of my way to see it, but if you don't mind cheap, predictable horror, then go for it! This gets a 3/10.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 2

 Another episode of The Walking Dead is upon us and it is getting better and better as it goes along.

This week, Rick and the others are shocked by the shooting of Carl. The guy who shot him tells Rick where to go to get help. It turns out that he is called Otis and he is one of another group of survivors who live in a large house. There is a doctor there. Rick reaches the house with Otis and Shane. The people in the house take the boy and try to help him. Lori is with the other group looking for Sophia in the woods. She heard the shot,but they think that it was Rick shooting a walker or something like that. Lori isn't so sure. Dale is with T-Dog who is suffering because of an injury he sustained. His arm is getting infected and Dale tells him that they need antibiotics for it.

Meanwhile, Rick is upset at the house. Carl is very close to death and Rick blames himself for bringing him with them . Carl needs blood and Rick is the right type. The doc has to remove the bullet fragments from Carl but he doesn't have the right equipment for it. Shane and Otis offer to go and get it from the local high school medical centre. Otis shows Shane the way and they have to sneak past lots of walkers to get there. They grab the stuff but then they get chased by the walkers. Dale and T-Dog are searching for antibiotics. T-Dog is delirious and he is rambling. One of the new survivors goes to get Lori and tells her that her son has been hurt. She brings Lori back to the house on a horse. Lori is upset and she goes to be with her son.

Dale meets withh Andrea and the rest of the gang. They tell him what happened with Lori. Daryl has some antibiotics for T-Dog. Lori and Rick discover that the doctor is not a doctor, but a vet! Rick wants to go and help Shane and Otis, but Lori won't let him leave. Shane and Otis are in a very sticky situation as the walkers chase them into a building. They pull across the grating and lock the doors, but this isn't going to keep them out for long!!!!!A very good episode. It is good to see some more survivors coming into it and it will shake things up.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

American Horror Story Season 1, Episode 2

 I'm back with more weirdness this week...Last episode ended with Vivian being pregnant.

This week begins in 1968. There are two girls alone in the house. A man calls to the door saying that he is hurt and they let him in. It turns out that he is a psychopath and he tells one of the girls to dress as a nurse and he ties her up and stabs her. He kills the other girl. The theme music from Psycho is playing in the background. Cut to present day. Ben is talking to Tate about Violet. He doesn't want her seeing Tate. Ben's fling Hayden, who was his lover and student before he got caught by his wife, calls him and tells him that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Violet is talking to the former bully, Leah, who has somehow turned into her friend. Leah wonders what was in the basement.

That night, the burglar alarm goes off  and the front door is open. It turns out that it is neighbour Adelaide who is in the basement. Next day, Ben meets with a patient called Bianca. She talks about some cheating boyfriend. Ben tells Vivian that he has to go to Boston to see a patient who is in hospital. He is really going to see Hayden who is going to have an abortion. Constance delivers some cakes that are tainted to Vivian. She and Vivian talk about babies. It turns out that Constance has four children. Three people break into the house later and they take Vivian hostage.One of them is Bianca who was casing the house earlier. They catch Violet too. It turns out that they had heard about the original murders in the house and they want to recreate them using Vivian and Violet.

Adelaide sees them and she tries to tell Constance but she doesn't listen to her and locks her in a closet. Tate happens to be wandering through the house and he sees it. He helps the girls by killing one of them. One of the killers eats the tainted cakes. Vivian manages to hit another one. The third one goes into the basement and meets his end. Meanwhile Ben is with Hayden and they are chatting about the abortion. When he arrives home, Vivian tells him what happened and she also tells him that she wants to sell the house....

Another interesting episode. This story will take some time to unfold,but I like it so far. If you haven't seen the first episode, start watching now! You really have to follow the story with this series!!!
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