Monday, November 28, 2011

American Horror Story,Season 1, Episode 4

This episode begins in 2010. There is a gay couple living in the house. They are arguing. One of them, Chad(Zachary Quinto) sees a person in the rubber suit and he is killed by it. His lover Pat(Teddy Sears) walks in on it...Cut to present day and Marcy is trying to make the house look good for prospective buyers. Ben is being plagued by Larry who demands his money. Tate wants help from Ben but Ben can't meet him in the house. He tells him to meet him at a coffee shop. Vivian is having a new alarm, system fitted. Vivian and Ben meet with two possible buyers and they are Chad and Pat.

Adelaide gets a makeover from Violet.Constance is not happy about it. Tate and Violet chat and he brings out a Ouija Board but Violet does not want to mess with it. Tate meets with Ben and  they talk. Constance buys a mask of a pretty girl for Adelaide. It is Halloween and she is going out trick or treating. Vivian discovers that Hayden is still in the picture. She is very annoyed. Meanwhile, Chad starts acting strangely in the house and Vivian has to tell him to leave. Vivian gets pains in her stomach and has to go to hospital. Adelaide is knocked down by a car and she is killed. Moira visits her sick mother who is attached to machines. She plugs them out and as her mother dies she asks her to come with her but Moira can't. She is stuck in the house.

There is banging at the front door and Violet sees that it is the weird guy, Larry. He is looking for Ben and his  money. Violet calls Ben and he tells her not to open the door.Vivian and Ben come back from the hospital and Violet has gone. Hayden is at the front door...


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