Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monster Man Movie Review 207

Monster Man is a 2003 horror movie written and directed by Michael Davis who was also responsible for Shoot Em Up. It stars Eric Jungmann, Justin Urich and Aimee Brooks.

The movie begins with a guy called Adam(Jungmann) driving cross country. His friend, Harley(Urich) has come along for the ride. They are passed by a weird car/truck with blacked out windows. They stop at a gas station and Harley makes fun of the hillbilly locals(as you do!) and he makes them angry. Later, a huge monster truck is chasing them and it runs them off of the road. Their car gets battered and they need gas. They find a Winnebago and they look inside only to find a dead body. They get the gas and head back on the road where they meet a cute girl,Sarah(Brooks). She is hitchhiking and of course, they pick her up.

Adam and co. stop at another gas station and Adam goes to use the bathroom. Harley spots the monster truck and in his wisdom, decides to pee on it. The guy is coming out so Adam and the others get going. They stay at a motel that night and they see the Winnebago on the news. Adam is scared  and he wants to call the cops but he doesn't. Harley finds a dead cat in his bed and they decide to leave. Sarah decides to come with them.Adam calls the cops and tells them about the monster truck. They go out to a bar that night and notice that the locals are all missing limbs. Harley is annoying everyone as usual . Sarah and Adam have sex. They see someone being killed by the monster truck. The cops arrive but they can't find any evidence and think that it is a prank.

They talk to a local man who tells them that he met a huge demon who took his arm and it happened to lots of locals hence all of the missing limbs. They continue on their journey and they come across the monster truck once again. It chases them and they run into the woods. The demon finds them and it takes Sarah. Adam follows it. He finds Sarah in a shack and he thinks that the demon killed Harley. Sarah is tied to a chair and there is a weird mangled body in there which is alive. Adam unties Sarah and thinks that they will escape. Sarah hits him with his shovel. She is in on it! Sarah is the sister of Brother Bob, the monster man. The mangled body is her other brother Fred. It turns out that Bob ran his truck over Fred and squished him. Sarah sewed him back together and with witchcraft, she brought him back to life. He needs people to give their blood so he can be restored. These people are the victims of monster man. Their legs and arms are for Fred. Sarah tells Adam that she needs him for Fred.Adam escapes and he is chased by monster man. He manages to kill Sarah and Fred. He injures monster man and he meets Harley. They run over monster man with his own truck!!!!Of course monster man can still talk and Fred is still alive!!!!

A poor movie with nothing special about it. It was mildly entertaining and SO predictable. I wouldn't go out of my way to see it, but if you don't mind cheap, predictable horror, then go for it! This gets a 3/10.


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