Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 2

 Another episode of The Walking Dead is upon us and it is getting better and better as it goes along.

This week, Rick and the others are shocked by the shooting of Carl. The guy who shot him tells Rick where to go to get help. It turns out that he is called Otis and he is one of another group of survivors who live in a large house. There is a doctor there. Rick reaches the house with Otis and Shane. The people in the house take the boy and try to help him. Lori is with the other group looking for Sophia in the woods. She heard the shot,but they think that it was Rick shooting a walker or something like that. Lori isn't so sure. Dale is with T-Dog who is suffering because of an injury he sustained. His arm is getting infected and Dale tells him that they need antibiotics for it.

Meanwhile, Rick is upset at the house. Carl is very close to death and Rick blames himself for bringing him with them . Carl needs blood and Rick is the right type. The doc has to remove the bullet fragments from Carl but he doesn't have the right equipment for it. Shane and Otis offer to go and get it from the local high school medical centre. Otis shows Shane the way and they have to sneak past lots of walkers to get there. They grab the stuff but then they get chased by the walkers. Dale and T-Dog are searching for antibiotics. T-Dog is delirious and he is rambling. One of the new survivors goes to get Lori and tells her that her son has been hurt. She brings Lori back to the house on a horse. Lori is upset and she goes to be with her son.

Dale meets withh Andrea and the rest of the gang. They tell him what happened with Lori. Daryl has some antibiotics for T-Dog. Lori and Rick discover that the doctor is not a doctor, but a vet! Rick wants to go and help Shane and Otis, but Lori won't let him leave. Shane and Otis are in a very sticky situation as the walkers chase them into a building. They pull across the grating and lock the doors, but this isn't going to keep them out for long!!!!!A very good episode. It is good to see some more survivors coming into it and it will shake things up.


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