Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 3

 This week's episode begins with Shane shaving his head. He looks disturbed. Cut to Shane and Otis running from the walkers. Rick and Lori are waiting for them to return. Daryl and Andrea are still looking for Sophie. Shane and Otis are in trouble. Otis tells Shane he will try and distract them so Shane can get out with the respirator. Otis runs off and Shane jumps out of the window, hurting his leg. He hears gunshots. Meanwhile, T-Dog and Glenn reach the doctors house where they meet Rick and Lori.

Lori and Rick talk and Lori wonders if Carl is better off dead because of the horrible world that they are now living in. Rick is horrified. Shane and Otis battle their way through the walkers. Carl wakes up and he is in a bad way. He has a seizure and he needs more blood. The doctor wants to operate on Carl as he can't wait much longer for Shane and Otis to return. Otis and Shane are still on the run and they are running out of bullets. As the doctor tells Rick and Lori he needs to operate, Shane shows up, alone. He says Otis is dead. The doctor performs his operation and Carl is stable afterwards.

We cut back to Shane and Otis and we find out that they were desperate, running out of bullets. They were really in trouble and Shane decided to shoot Otis and leave him for the walkers. Otis wasn't going down quietly and he left a mark on Shane. Shane beats Otis and throws him to the walkers as he escaped. The episode closes with Shane shaving his hair off.  This was a good episode and it leaves me wondering about Shane. Is he a good or a bad guy????


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