Sunday, March 11, 2012

Don't Go In The House Movie Review 228

Don't Go in the House is a 1980 horror movie directed by Joseph Ellison and stars Dan Grimaldi(best known for his part in The Sopranos).

Donny Kohler(Grimaldi) is a quiet guy who lives in a huge old house with his mother. He arrives back from work one evening to find that she has died. Instead of calling the cops etc he decides to leave her body in her chair and put on his music loudly and dance around. He hears voices in his head telling him that he is finally free. His thoughts go back to his childhood when his mother punished him by holding his arms over a flame and burning them. He decides that he will do it to her. He thinks that he hears his mother's voice. He begins to pick up young women and bring them back to his homemade incinerator where he ties them up and burns them alive.

When he starts to miss work, his pal Bobby(Robert Osth)gets worried and calls him to see what is going on. Donny makes up stories about his mother being sick and that he is in trouble and Bobby wants to help. Bobby takes him to a disco to meet women, but he can't communicate with them at all and he ends up picking up two young girls who are drunk. He tells them that they can have a party at his house and they can call up their friends and bring them over too. They think that this is a great idea and they go with him. Meanwhile, Bobby goes to see the local priest, Fr.Gerritty(Ralph D. Bowman) and gets him to go to the house to help his pal. The two girls have figured out that Donny is not a nice guy and he has them in his incinerator waiting.
He goes upstairs to change into his fireproof suit and gets his flamethrower! Bobby and the priest break in and find the girls. They release them, but Fr Gerritty gets barbecued by Donny. Bobby helps him and they all run out of the house as Donny is faced with the dead corpses he had been keeping. They come to life and he sets fire to the house and burns it down with him inside. The movie ends with a young kid being slapped by his mother. He starts to hear the voices too, so here we go again !

This movie is OK. It isn't anything special and I thought that it was a bit dull in places. The premise was good, but the execution was not. Just a mediocre 80's horror. It gets 4/10.


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