Thursday, April 12, 2012

Columbus Circle Movie Review 234


Columbus Circle is a 2012 thriller starring Selma Blair, Amy Smart, Jason Lee, Kevin Pollack and Beau Bridges.It is directed by George Gallo.

An old woman is attacked and killed in her apartment in Columbus Circle. The cops come to investigate. Frank(Giovanni Ribisi) and his partner Jerry(Jason Antoon) are the detectives on the case. They talk to the reclusive woman across the hall whose name is Abigail(Blair) and she knows nothing about the old lady. We find out that Abigail has shut herself off from the world for some reason and she doesn't leave her apartment . The concierge(Kevin Pollack) gets her everything she needs. She is the daughter of a millionaire and she disappeared years ago and has been living under the name Abigail. Her real name is Justine Waters. The old lady's apartment is up for rent and Charlie and his wife Lillian move in. Charlie(Lee) and Lillian(Smart) argue and Charlie hits her. Lilian is helped by Abigail who had been through abuse as a child.

The two become friends and Abigail tries to help her. Abigail speaks to her doctor Ray Fontaine(Bridges) about everything that is happening. He was a family friend and he helped her to get her life together after she left home. It turns out that Charlie and Lillian are con artists and they are trying to hack into Abigails bank and get her password etc so that they can take all of her money. Charlie downloads the information from her computer. The concierge remembers Charlie from prison and he threatens to expose him. Charlie tries to kill him, but the concierge runs into the road and gets killed by a bus. Lillian and Charlie stage an argument and when Abigail tries to help, Lillian pulls a gun on Charlie. The thing is the gun is full of blanks and Lillian pretends to shoot Charlie. Abigail doesn't realise this and she stabs Charlie to death. The two women hide the body and try to decide what to do.

Abigail finds out that Lillian is trying to take her  money and she calls the press to tell them that Justine Waters will be at the bank. Lillian is there dressed and wearing a wig pretending that she is Justine. When Abigail shows up, Lillian realises that she has been had. The cops take her away and Abigail sets off on holiday assuming Lillian's identity. Somehow, Abigail has gotten over her fear of going outside and now, she is free.
This film was bad. The characters were silly and the story dragged along. I didn't think that there were any scares in it and the suspense was non existent. This isn't good, in fact, it is very very bad! Avoid.It gets a 2/10 and that was just for the good cast!

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Rauf Arshad said...

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Susan Leighton said...

Good review of Columbus Circle. It is a shame that this film is so bad because the cast is full of people I like. Stupid observation but when did Jason Lee morph into Bruce Campbell's younger brother? Also when did Kevin Pollak become Bradley Whitford's doppelganger? The premise of this movie seems very watchable but evidently the big payoff wasn't delivered. I think I will avoid this unless I am having a few cocktails and then all bets are off, lol!

Amanda said...

I thought that the cast was great too so I was disappointed by how bad it was. It was just boring after a while. There are no payoffs here but it might be fun after a few beers!!!!

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