Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rogue River Movie Review 247

Rogue River is a 2012 horror movie directed by Jourdan McClure and starring Michelle Page and Bill Moseley.

This film begins with a young woman crying. It is obvious that she has been through some trauma and she is holding a gun. She puts the gun to her head and we hear a shot. Movie begins.Mara(Page) is the young woman from the start and she is leaving her brother, Andrew(Chris Coy)  to go somewhere in her car. She drives along and comes to a river which is surrounded by woods. It turns out she has an urn and in it are the ashes of her dad.She is going to spread them in the river when a local man called Jon(Moseley) tells her not to. He tells her it is frowned upon in these parts. They chat and he tells her he will walk her back to her car which has vanished.He offers her a lift into town and he stops at his house and brings Mara in to meet his wife, Lea(Lucinda Jenney). She asks Mara to stay until the next morning. Mara agrees.

During the night, Mara discovers that Jon and Lea are a bit strange and it becomes more and more obvious as she tries to leave. Jon eventually throws her out but then follows her and hits her over the head with his gun.
She wakes up back in the house with her ankles shackled. She tries to escape, but they catch her and Lea pours boiling water into her throat. A cop calls to the house looking for Mara and Jon shoots him. He has someone else with him and he gets shot too.  Mara finds out that Lea is Jon's sister not his wife, making the weirdness even worse.They make Mara have sex with one of the guys they shot and she realises too late that it is her brother, Andrew. They want her to get pregnant. She manages to kill Lea and she escapes with Andrew. They run off into woods, but Andrew gets shot.

There is a showdown between Mara and Jon. She shoots him and kills him. The movie ends with Mara spreading the ashes of her father and brother into the river. This movie started well and got worse as it went along. It was a good premise, but then it seemed to descend into torture etc and it lost the plot literally! It was a bit disappointing in the end. It gets a 4/10.


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