Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 12 and 13

Last week, Royce left the show so there are nine chefs left.

Episode 12

Robyn tries to cosy up to Clemenza and she tries to tell him that she is on his side. He doesn't buy her phony act. Brian is pissed at Tiffany for her bad behaviour when she was helping him in the kitchen in service. The challenge this week is a wing eating competition. Brian and Justin are chosen from the men's team and Tiffany and Barbie from the women's. They are going up against a wing eating champion. He wins. They have the blind taste test now and it is women versus men. The men's team wins with Justin getting a perfect score. He is the first one to ever get that in Hells Kitchen. They go off on their treat. The women have to stock both kitchens and they have to deal with deliveries. Everyone is moaning. Kimmy thinks that Barbie isn't pulling her weight(watch video above). Barbie seems to avoid doing anything too strenuous.

That evening, they get to have their own menus so they come up with their dishes.They have to present their dishes for Chef Ramsay to taste. Barbie is slacking off as usual. Clemenza disappears and the others are not happy. Chef Ramsay begins tasting the dishes and that takes us to....

Episode 13

Chef Ramsay is less than impressed with some of the dishes. They need to shape up. He will be using the customer comment cards to choose the winner. Robyn messes up one of the dishes and has to start again. She argues with Justin.Kimmy isn't doing well on the meat. Robyn and Justin are fighting again because she
runs out of her dish and has to cook something else instead. Kimmy has a meltdown on meat and she is failing. Brian is not impressive either. He forgets to include some part of his dish and he is annoyed. Dana under cooks her lobster and is yelled at.Chef Ramsay catches Tiffany using an dirty pan to cook a new dish. She doesn't seem to care at all. Clemenza gets lost on the fish and he seems too slow. Tiffany messes up again and she is so disinterested that Chef Ramsay is furious with her. The assistant chef throws Tiffany out of the kitchen as she is so slack(watch video above). Brian can't cook fish and he is disappointed. The team gets thrown out of the blue kitchen. 

There is no winning team this week so they both choose two people from each team to go home. The blue team choose Robyn and Clemenza. The red team choose Tiffany and Barbie. Tiffany(pictured) is booted out. She was pretty useless anyway.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Skew Movie Review 254

Skew is a 2011 horror movie directed by Seve Schelenz and starring Rob Scattergood, Amber Lewis and Richard Olak.

The premise is pretty simple. Three friends go on a road trip to a wedding and they have a camera with them. Simon(Scattergood) is behind the camera and he films the other two as well as everything on their way. At first, they don't mind, but after a while, it starts to get to them. Simon begins to see strange things through his lens. They knock down a coyote first and they are a bit freaked out by it. Then, they witness other accidents which really scares them. They think that it must be coincidence at first because the accidents are so random. Simon finds that when he turns the camera on some people, their faces are distorted and then they die. He tries to tell the others about it, but they don't believe him. Rich(Olak) is getting very agitated about Simon and his stories and he tells him to shut the camera off. Eva(Lewis) wants him to throw it away and stop filming.

Simon becomes convinced that anybody he films with the camera is going to die. Eva talks to him about it and tells him to get rid of it. Simon won't. Eva's face is distorted on the camera and she disappears. Rich fights with Simon over Eva as he knows that Simon loves her and she is Rich's girlfriend. The two argue, but Simon kills him with the camera. Simon is alone in a motel and he is scared. He tries to call his girlfriend, but there is no answer. He plays back the tape and he realises that he filmed himself in a mirror by mistake and his face is distorted.....

This wasn't too bad. I liked the idea of the killer camera and it was entertaining enough to keep me watching. Some of the scenes were unnecessary and it could drag a bit but I thought that it was decent for a low budget movie. I am giving it a 4/10.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Jigsaw's Lair on Facebook!!!!

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Play Misty For Me- Amanda's Faves

I'm sure that most people have heard of Play Misty for Me and know that it stars Clint Eastwood as Dave Garver, a successful DJ. It also stars Jessica Walter in a very convincing role as the mentally unbalanced Evelyn Draper. Donna Mills is Dave's ex girlfriend, Tobie. Eastwood directed this film himself and as you can tell from the title of this post, it is a favourite of mine. It was released in 1971 and is a great thriller.

The story is that Dave works as a DJ in California and he has a good life with his own place and plenty of female attention. He has a particular female fan who calls in and asks him to 'play Misty for me' every so often and he is intrigued. When he goes to his local bar, he spots a good looking woman sitting alone. He begins talking to her and he likes her. They go back to her place and she tells him that she is the voice on the phone who wants him to play Misty(a song) for her. Dave tells her that he is hung up on another woman and doesn't want complications and she agrees. They sleep together and it all seems very open and straightforward. Until, she starts turning up in his life unannounced. She starts to call over and intrude on his privacy. He tries to tell her to back off, but the more he does, the worse she gets.She attacks his housekeeper and thrashes his place. She slashes her wrists in his house and he feels bad.He takes care of her and she seems okay again, but she is just waiting to kill him. She finds out about his ex and she sees them reuniting which pushes her over the edge. A great climax sees her trying to kill Dave and Tobie and taking a fall through a window into the sea below.

This is a great thriller with some eerie scenes. Walter plays the part brilliantly as the pathetic but dangerous rejected woman. She keeps coming back and won't take no for an answer. Eastwood is great as the guy who thinks that it is a one night stand, but isn't sure what to do when she loses the plot. He is stuck in an awful situation and cannot get rid of her. The whole movie is building towards the climax in which Evelyn loses what's left of her sanity and goes over the deep end. All in all, a great thriller and if you haven't seen it before, then do. You will be in for a treat!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 11

Last week saw the end of Patrick and we are down to ten chefs.

This week, the challenge begins with a crap table. They have to roll the dice and get some ingredients to make a dish. They come up with their own dishes and they have to impress Chef Ramsay. The blue team win the challenge and get a treat. The red team have to roast some pork overnight and they are moaning about it.Robyn is having trouble adjusting to the way that the blue team work. That night, David Beckham is going to be at the chefs table and some other minor celebrity is at the other. In the blue kitchen, Royce can't cook his meat properly. He is getting bogged down by all of the orders(watch video above). He is messing up his timings too. He gets yelled at. Chef Ramsay has a chat with the blue team and tells them that they had better shape up soon. Robyn is doing her best to run the kitchen on her own while the others are gone.

Tiffany can't tell the difference between cod and sea bass and she comes across like a complete fool. She doesn't care what she is doing at all. Royce messes up his meat once again. Clemenza hands up horrible fish and he is accused of being a slob by Chef Ramsay. The blue team can't serve their customers and the red team is brought in to help them which doesn't go down too well. They lose the service and have to pick two people. They choose Royce and Clemenza. Chef Ramsay decides to send Royce(pictured above) home.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Death Ship Movie Review 253

Death Ship is a 1980 horror movie directed by Alvin Rakoff and starring George Kennedy, Richard Crenna and Nick Mancuso.

A large black ship is on the water and is on a collision course with a cruise liner. Captain Ashland(Kennedy) is called and he sees that there is no way to avoid a collision with the black ship. Their cruiser is damaged and people are killed. A group of survivors are on a raft drifting. The Captain is rescued from the water. The black ship reappears. They call out but there is no answer. The find a way on board the ship.The ship starts to sail on its own. One of the survivors gets thrown off the boat in an apparent accident. He drowns in the sea. The others decide to explore the ship and they find that it is a German WWII vessel and that there is something very odd about it.

There is old music playing on the ship and doors slam shut on their own. Marshall(Crenna) has his wife and family on board and he looks around the ship and takes care of Ashland who is still injured. An officer called Nick(Mancuso) and Marshall get the feeling that something is very wrong on the ship and they decide that they need to get off it. They find a lifeboat and get it ready. Meanwhile, Ashland is getting a little weird and he is becoming possessed by the ship. The lifeboat floats away and they are stuck once again. More of the survivors are killed as Ashland loses the plot. Nick and Marshall find Nazi propaganda and a torture chamber. It was an interrogation ship.Nick gets killed when he falls into a trap. Marshall kills Ashland when he goes completely mad.It turns out that the ship needs blood to keep going. Marshall finds a rubber dinghy and life jackets so he and his family escape. They get rescued by a helicopter. The ship keeps on sailing, looking for new victims.

This movie is cheaply made, but it is entertaining. I liked the characters and the idea was a good one. It is a movie that I hadn't heard much about, but if you can dig it up, it is well worth a watch. It gets a 5/10.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10 Episode 10

Last week, there were no firings, so there is still eleven chefs in the kitchen.

Kimmy burned her hand in the last episode so now she is wondering if she will be able to go back into the kitchen. The medic bandages her hand and she goes back into the kitchen to work. Everyone is pleased, except for Robyn.Tiffany hands up a burnt pizza up to Chef Ramsay. Barbie is gloating and making faces at Tiffany who hates her even more. Brian is doing impressions and annoying everyone. He messes up his food and when he tries to do an impression of Chef Ramsay, it ends badly. He gets yelled at. Tiffany is being lazy and her food is not up to standard. Barbie steps in and tries to help her, but it doesn't go well. The rivalry is getting worse between them.

In the blue team, Patrick is not doing well with the steak. On the red team, Kimmy and Robyn are at each other's throats and there is no communication. Kimmy's steak is perfect and Robyn's isn't. They have to start again. Patrick is having a meltdown and gets sent out for some fresh air. Kimmy and Robyn clash again over lack of communication. Robyn's fish is awful and she is bitter that the others tried to screw her.
Chef Ramsay catches Patrick giving him raw steak and he throws him out of the kitchen. Kimmy and Robyn get caught by Chef Ramsay who tells them that they had better get it together as they are bringing down their team. Royce is thrown out of the kitchen for his inferior steak. As the red team can't get it together, the men are brought in to help them. He throws the red team out of the kitchen. Upstairs, they all start to argue and the tension between Kimmy and Robyn comes to a head(watch video above). There is no winning team so both of them have to pick two people. The women choose Tiffany and Robyn. The men choose Royce and Patrick. Patrick is the one to leave...Robyn gets put on the men's team much to the delight of the red team!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 9

Last week, Roshni went home and now there are eleven chefs left.

The red team are on cloud nine(for the moment) and they think that they will win it. Maybe, if they can stop bitching at each other in the process. On the blue team, Royce is trying to stir things up by accusing others of trying to screw him but nobody has any sympathy for him. The challenge today is a fruit machine with ingredients on it instead of fruit. Everyone gets a go and they get the ingredients to cook with. Kimmy has to sit out as there is an odd number on the red team. She still gets to cook a dish and her team can decide if they will take hers or go with someone elses. She chooses to go up against Robyn's dish and Robyn thinks that there is still bad blood between them from an earlier task. The red team decides to go with Robyns dish instead of Kimmy. Chef Ramsay judges the dishes and the men win as Robyn's dish is not good. He tastes Kimmys and tells them that they would have won if they had chosen Kimmy's dish. This does NOT go down well with Kimmy. The men get their treat and the women have to prepare all of the steaks etc and they have to unload the beef.

Robyn and Kimmy are not communicating. Robyn is not popular with anyone now. She is bothered by Kimmy's snoring so she tries to move in with the other girls but they don't want her. She has to sleep with them, but they make it obvious that they don't want her. In the red kitchen, Tiffany cuts her onions the wrong way and Barbie tells on her. This makes the fighting between them even worse. They are as bad as each other. It's steak night and family night in Hell's Kitchen. Kimmy burns her hand(watch video)and has to see the medic...What will happen? You will have to wait until the next episode to find out!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Memorial Valley Massacre Movie Review 252

 Memorial Valley Massacre is a 1989 horror movie directed by Robert C. Hughes and starring John Kerry.

Memorial Valley is a campsite which is not ready to open to the public event though there are loads of people waiting to get in. The workmen decide to quit, but the owner opens it anyway. George(Kerry) is the boss around the place and he is trying to keep everyone happy. He has an assistant called David helping him. There is a weird looking hermit living in a cave near the camp and he sees all of the people coming to the camp. It isn't long before a group of bikers come to the camp and they are all set for having a party. Some of the others aren't too keen on them.

The hermit is creeping around and he starts to kill the patrons of the park one by one. He doesn't want them ruining the wilderness with their rubbish and their vans.Everyone is scared and they are horrified when bodies start appearing. The hermit is making his way through the camp. The strange thing is that he is George's son who was kidnapped and abandoned in the wilderness years ago. George has been searching for him for years and when he finally realises who he is, he gets killed in one of the hermit's traps. The hermit realises who George is, but it is too late. The movie ends with everyone leaving and the hermit watching it all...

This film was bad. The acting is awful. The story is almost non existent and the hermit is not scary at all.
It passed an hour and a half, but I wouldn't be rushing to see it again...It gets a 2/10.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10, Episode 8

Last week, Guy was sent  home so twelve chefs are left in Hells Kitchen.

Clemenza is annoyed because he thinks that they tried to throw him under the bus. Royce wants him out as he thinks that Clemenza is crap. Royce is a pain. Next morning, Clemenza is in fighting form and he is ready to prove himself. Their challenge is to make a dish with some unknown ingredients. The chefs grab what they want and they have to make the best of it. Chef Ramsay has some chefs come in to judge it. The red team scrape a victory and they are delighted. The blue team has to clean the dorm. That evening, the chefs are told that there are special guests coming in. The red team have Sugar Ray Leonard and the blue team have Tito Ortiz from the UFC.

Clemenza makes a bad start by handing up undercooked spaghetti and he is Italian!! Christina messes up her risotto. Brian is spending more time messing around in the kitchen and he is not concentrating. His food is not up to standard. He gets it right eventually. Tiffany puts a knife against her lip and then into the Beef Wellington and is caught out by Chef Ramsay(watch video above). Disgusting.. Roshni hands up her raw meat and gets in trouble. Tiffany is wrong again and she gets yelled at. Patrick makes a mistake with the lobster and it looks bad for the blue team. Chef Ramsay throws them all out. The women finish the blue teams service. The men are pissed off. They are called back down for a chat with Chef Ramsay. He tells them that the red team finished their service. They have to choose two people for elimination and they pick Patrick and Roshni. The team think that Roshni(pictured above) should go home. She gets sent home.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10, Episode 7

Last week, we said goodbye to Danielle, finally! Now, thirteen chefs remain in the competition.

This week begins with the fashion show in full swing. Clemenza starts cooking too early and irritates Chef Ramsay. On the red team, Barbie and Tiffany clash over scallops which get sent back by Chef Ramsay anyway. Tiffany hates Barbie and vice versa. Robyn tries to help Christina and Dana, but they have their own  little team going and they don't want anyone else on it. Guy hands up horrible scallops and disappoints Chef Ramsay and his team. Clemenza and Guy are both having trouble with the scallops and it is not looking good.Guy is not concentrating with the models on display. He is busy watching them instead of his meat. Clemenza screws up on fish yet again. He looks very weak. Robyn overcooks her beef and sends one of the team into the blue kitchen to get more but they won't do it for her. Chef Ramsay catches her and he yells at her when she says she wanted to go to the men for meat.

 Poor Guy is having a meltdown and he can't do anything right. Kimmy is plating up at the pass and she is slow. She gets a compliment from Chef Ramsay when she does it right finally. Royce is very awkward at plating up and he is not as good as he thinks. Clemenza has cooked loads of swordfish and now it is just a waste. Royce and Clemenza argue over it as Royce tries to blame him for the waste(watch video above). The red team wins service for once and the men have to choose two people to send home. They choose Guy for obvious reasons and Clemenza. Guy(pictured above)gets his marching orders and that's that.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Piranha(1978) Movie Review 251

Piranha is a 1978 horror movie directed by Joe Dante who has been responsible for such classics as Gremlins, Innerspace and of course, The Howling. It stars Bradford Dillman and Heather Menzies.

The movie begins with two backpackers who wander into a government testing site. They decide to go into a pool and get attacked by something in the water. What could it be??? An insurance investigator called Maggie(Menzies) is looking into the disappearance of the two backpackers and she wants answers. She meets a local drunk called Paul(Dillman) and she wants him to help her to find them. He agrees reluctantly as he is a bit of a loner. He knows the local area really well so he is her guide. They look around the testing site and they find a backpack. They realise that there is someone living there after looking around for a while. They bump into a strange man who tries to attack them. They manage to overpower him and they take him with them back to Paul's place. He tells them about the piranha that were in the pool and as Maggie emptied it, the piranha are headed for the local waterways and the river. They aren't sure what to think, but they eventually realise that he is telling the truth.

He is a doctor and he was working with the fish during the Vietnam War and they were to be used to kill the enemy. When the project was shut down, he kept some of them and now, they are heading for the river.
Paul, Maggie and the doctor have to try and stop the mutant fish from reaching the ocean. The fish start to swim and they attack the locals. Maggie and Paul stop them from reaching the ocean, they think. Everything is fine again...Or is it? The movie ends with some of the piranha swimming in the ocean...
This was an entertaining horror movie. I liked it and I would recommend it. It has been remade in 2010 and my review of that is here...I am giving it a 6/10.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 6

Last week, there was noone kicked off as it was a cliffhanger, so this week, all will be revealed...Who will it be???

Patrick is sent back in line as is Barbie. Danielle(pictured below) is booted out of Hells Kitchen. She was an idiot and she tried to shaft some of  her teammates and it backfired on her. Dana and Christina are so upset that their ally has been kicked out and they are worried that they are going to get picked on. In the mens team, Royce wants to be leader, but nobody else wants him. Patrick doesn't like that at all as he is supposed to be the leader.This week, the challenge is to make dishes for some idiotic fashion designers who look as if they haven't had a good meal in years! How they are meant to judge food is beyond me. The men win the challenge and get to go shopping. The women are moaning again...They have to turn the restaurant into a runway etc for some fashion night. They have some irritating fashion woman giving them directions.

There is going to be a fashion show in the middle of Hells Kitchen and the teams have to cook while it is going on.Kimmy and Robyn have fallen out because in the challenge earlier on, Robyn messed up their dish and they didn't win. Now, Kimmy has declared war on her former ally(watch video above). Service hasn't even began when Clemenza starts cooking scallops in advance. He is caught out for his stupidity. This is another two parter so you will have to wait until the next episode to see what happens!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sickle Movie Trailer!

This is the new trailer for a horror movie called Sickle. It is directed by Geno McGahee who also directed Rise of the Scarecrows and Family Secret. If you enjoy low budget horror then these movies are for you.
Check out this trailer and see what you think...I think that it looks good and I am looking forward to seeing it when it is released next year...Enjoy.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10, Episode 5

We are down to fourteen chefs now. Don got his marching orders last week..

This week, Roshni connects with her new team and the girls continue fighting and bitching about each other.The challenge this week is to make Mexican classic dishes. The team with the best ones wins. Chef Ramsay brings in some chefs to judge it. The women manage to win the challenge and get some treat. The men have to prepare all of the Mexican dishes for that nights service. The men are annoyed that they have lost and they  are moaning about it. Tiffany tells Kimmy and Robyn about the other three saying things about her behind her back. It was Royce who actually said it, but Kimmy is pissed. Robyn challenges them and they all deny it.Kimmy is really mad about it and she tells them what she thinks of them...

That night in service, Barbie starts off badly. In the blue team, Guy gets caught with cold tuna and he gets yelled at. Kimmy makes the mistake of putting her fish and meat on the same tray and she gets in trouble.
The women start shouting at each other once again.Guy is in trouble over his steak now and he is looking weak. Danielle messes up by serving raw pork and proves how much of an idiot she is. Patrick and Guy are thrown out of the kitchen for making too many mistakes. Danielle gives up raw pork again and she is thrown out of the kitchen. Clemenza and Justin are thrown out for giving up raw pork too. Barbie is next to get her ass kicked out too. Tiffany is kicked out. Royce gets his marching orders too. Roshni and Brian are left to finish service in the blue kitchen. The rest of the red team complete their service too.

Both teams lose and have to pick two people to go home. Blue team pick Guy and Patrick. Red team pick Barbie and Danielle.. (Watch video above)You will have to wait until next episode to see who is kicked out as this is a two parter!!!!

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