Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10 Episode 10

Last week, there were no firings, so there is still eleven chefs in the kitchen.

Kimmy burned her hand in the last episode so now she is wondering if she will be able to go back into the kitchen. The medic bandages her hand and she goes back into the kitchen to work. Everyone is pleased, except for Robyn.Tiffany hands up a burnt pizza up to Chef Ramsay. Barbie is gloating and making faces at Tiffany who hates her even more. Brian is doing impressions and annoying everyone. He messes up his food and when he tries to do an impression of Chef Ramsay, it ends badly. He gets yelled at. Tiffany is being lazy and her food is not up to standard. Barbie steps in and tries to help her, but it doesn't go well. The rivalry is getting worse between them.

In the blue team, Patrick is not doing well with the steak. On the red team, Kimmy and Robyn are at each other's throats and there is no communication. Kimmy's steak is perfect and Robyn's isn't. They have to start again. Patrick is having a meltdown and gets sent out for some fresh air. Kimmy and Robyn clash again over lack of communication. Robyn's fish is awful and she is bitter that the others tried to screw her.
Chef Ramsay catches Patrick giving him raw steak and he throws him out of the kitchen. Kimmy and Robyn get caught by Chef Ramsay who tells them that they had better get it together as they are bringing down their team. Royce is thrown out of the kitchen for his inferior steak. As the red team can't get it together, the men are brought in to help them. He throws the red team out of the kitchen. Upstairs, they all start to argue and the tension between Kimmy and Robyn comes to a head(watch video above). There is no winning team so both of them have to pick two people. The women choose Tiffany and Robyn. The men choose Royce and Patrick. Patrick is the one to leave...Robyn gets put on the men's team much to the delight of the red team!!


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