Monday, July 2, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10, Episode 5

We are down to fourteen chefs now. Don got his marching orders last week..

This week, Roshni connects with her new team and the girls continue fighting and bitching about each other.The challenge this week is to make Mexican classic dishes. The team with the best ones wins. Chef Ramsay brings in some chefs to judge it. The women manage to win the challenge and get some treat. The men have to prepare all of the Mexican dishes for that nights service. The men are annoyed that they have lost and they  are moaning about it. Tiffany tells Kimmy and Robyn about the other three saying things about her behind her back. It was Royce who actually said it, but Kimmy is pissed. Robyn challenges them and they all deny it.Kimmy is really mad about it and she tells them what she thinks of them...

That night in service, Barbie starts off badly. In the blue team, Guy gets caught with cold tuna and he gets yelled at. Kimmy makes the mistake of putting her fish and meat on the same tray and she gets in trouble.
The women start shouting at each other once again.Guy is in trouble over his steak now and he is looking weak. Danielle messes up by serving raw pork and proves how much of an idiot she is. Patrick and Guy are thrown out of the kitchen for making too many mistakes. Danielle gives up raw pork again and she is thrown out of the kitchen. Clemenza and Justin are thrown out for giving up raw pork too. Barbie is next to get her ass kicked out too. Tiffany is kicked out. Royce gets his marching orders too. Roshni and Brian are left to finish service in the blue kitchen. The rest of the red team complete their service too.

Both teams lose and have to pick two people to go home. Blue team pick Guy and Patrick. Red team pick Barbie and Danielle.. (Watch video above)You will have to wait until next episode to see who is kicked out as this is a two parter!!!!


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