Monday, July 9, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10, Episode 7

Last week, we said goodbye to Danielle, finally! Now, thirteen chefs remain in the competition.

This week begins with the fashion show in full swing. Clemenza starts cooking too early and irritates Chef Ramsay. On the red team, Barbie and Tiffany clash over scallops which get sent back by Chef Ramsay anyway. Tiffany hates Barbie and vice versa. Robyn tries to help Christina and Dana, but they have their own  little team going and they don't want anyone else on it. Guy hands up horrible scallops and disappoints Chef Ramsay and his team. Clemenza and Guy are both having trouble with the scallops and it is not looking good.Guy is not concentrating with the models on display. He is busy watching them instead of his meat. Clemenza screws up on fish yet again. He looks very weak. Robyn overcooks her beef and sends one of the team into the blue kitchen to get more but they won't do it for her. Chef Ramsay catches her and he yells at her when she says she wanted to go to the men for meat.

 Poor Guy is having a meltdown and he can't do anything right. Kimmy is plating up at the pass and she is slow. She gets a compliment from Chef Ramsay when she does it right finally. Royce is very awkward at plating up and he is not as good as he thinks. Clemenza has cooked loads of swordfish and now it is just a waste. Royce and Clemenza argue over it as Royce tries to blame him for the waste(watch video above). The red team wins service for once and the men have to choose two people to send home. They choose Guy for obvious reasons and Clemenza. Guy(pictured above)gets his marching orders and that's that.


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