Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 14 and 15

Last episode, we said goodbye to Tiffany. Now, the competition is hotting up as eight chefs battle it out to win Hells Kitchen.

Episode 14

Kimmy is upset because her pal Tiffany has gone home and she is upset over it. She wants Barbie out. The next challenge is about Southern cuisine. Kimmy is in her element, being from the South. They have to cook classic Southern dishes and Chef Ramsay invites some judge to oversee it. The blue team loses. The red team go off for their reward and the blue team have to churn butter and make bread and prepare everything for that nights service. Kimmy is under pressure as she is supposed to be good at Southern cuisine. She wants to do really well, but she is nervous. Brian is having trouble on the fish station. On the red team. Kimmy burns her food and she is having a meltdown. Brian disappoints yet again and he is really starting to sink. He gives a smart answer to Chef Ramsay and gets kicked out of the kitchen(watch video above). He eventually goes back and tries to redeem himself.

Robyn hands up raw chicken and she gets yelled at too. Barbie hands up horrible garnish and everyone wants her out. Robyn can't believe that her chicken is raw a second time and they are all thrown out for being crap. Upstairs, the blue team start fighting over what went wrong. Kimmy totally messes up her fish and there are no excuses this time. The red team end up being thrown out too. There is no winning team so they have to choose one person on each team to go home. Red team pick Kimmy(pictured above) for obvious reasons and the blue team want Robyn out. Kimmy gets sent home.Right decision.

Episode 15

There are seven chefs left!The red team are chatting about losing Kimmy. There is just the horrible Dana, Christina and the nasty Barbie left. Dana and Christina don't want Barbie at all. The challenge the next morning is for the chefs to cook in a relay team. They have to work together. The two teams screw it up and there is no winner. They have to clean up etc. Everyone is moaning as usual. That night in service, Christina isn't doing very well. Clemenza is having a hard time with his orders. He is getting loads of risotto orders at once and he is falling behind. Barbie tries to help Christina and Dana but they fob her off. They don't want her to help. Brian lets his team down again with raw meat. He is really slipping. Robyn messes up and tries to blame the other three on her team(watch video above). Justin gets yelled at which is unusual as he is pretty good.

Barbie impresses with her meat. Brian(pictured above) is on his last legs with his food. He is really on the way out the door already. He has had enough chances. Chef Ramsay brings Barbie over from the red team to take over his station. The black jackets are out and the three members of the red team are given theirs. One person from the blue team will not get one. That person turns out to be Brian. He is sent home. He just couldn't keep it together. We are down to the final six so it will be very interesting to see who rises to the top!


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