Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 17

Last week, we said goodbye to Robyn and everyone sighed with relief. Five chefs left now.

The team are laughing and joking because they got rid of Robyn. I have to say that the women's team are a group of horrible people and none of them deserve to win. My pick for winner would be Justin as he has been consistenly good all the way through and he rarely makes many mistakes. The challenge is to make a dish to match Chef Ramsays. But the chefs have to teach some beauty pageant winners how to cook it which is no easy task.Barbie wins the challenge and she gets to take one of her team members with her. She decides to take Justin with her as nobody else likes her.

That night in service, Clemenza is very sloppy and he is not doing too well. He works in a huge mess, but he gets his food out. Barbie hands up a risotto and it is horrible. Chef Ramsay is not impressed. She tells Clemenza to take her next risotto up to Chef Ramsay but he isn't happy with it(watch video above). He does bring it up anyway and Chef Ramsay freaks out. It is horrible. Dana burns her meat. She's not so loud mouthed now.Christina hands up burnt vegetables and Chef Ramsay is amazed that everyone seems to be falling apart. Barbie is still messing up. Her weakness is being shown now. Chef Ramsay is disappointed with them and tells them to pick one person to go home. They can't choose one person. It is between Barbie and Clemenza. Clemenza is sent home.. Four chefs left now and the finale is just around the corner!


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