Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 5

 Last episode, we saw T-Dog die and Carol go missing and Lori died in childbirth. Rick is in pieces after he realises what has happened. This episode begins with Andrea enjoying her time in Woodbury but Michonne wants to leave. The Governor has a walker with him but it is a little girl. We find out that it is his daughter. Michonne watches him. Meanwhile at the prison Rick is in shock. Maggie and Daryl go to find some baby formula. Rick takes his anger out on the walkers and slashes his way through loads of them.Back in the town, Michonne is increasingly unhappy with what she sees. She thinks that the Governor is not as nice as he seems. She gets her sword back and she looks around. There are walkers locked up for research and she lets them out and kills them. The Governor is not happy with her. He wants her to stay and join the research team but she pulls her sword on him and it is obvious that she is not going to be joining him.

The Governor tries to get Andrea to talk to Michonne and make her see reason but Andrea can't convince her to stay. Andrea decides to go with her. They are preparing to go when Andrea changes her mind and decides to stay in the town.Michonne has to head off on her own. The Governor is very happy that Andrea is staying. Daryl and Maggie manage to find baby formula and supplies which they bring back to the prison. Daryl gives the baby her first feed. That night, Andrea and the rest of the town sit down to a fight where Merle and some of his buddies fight with walkers who have had their teeth removed so they can't bite. Andrea doesn't like it. Back in the prison, Rick is surprised when a telephone rings.. He picks it up...

A very good episode. I like the way that everything is being set up for a confrontation eventually. The two camps will meet and then there will be sides chosen, I'd say!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 3

Episode 3 begins with the married couple still running from Bloody Face. They manage to stab him, but there are two more Bloody Face. They shoot the couple. It turns out that they were just wearing masks and pretending. They talk about what happened but then the real Bloody Face appears..

Cut to the asylum and Sr. Jude is looking at a newspaper from years ago. There is an article in it about the hit and run for which she was responsible. There is a storm coming and the patients are going to watch a movie to take their minds off the weather. Dr. Thredson wants an autopsy report on Jed who died after being possessed. Sr. Mary Eunice seems different and Sr. Jude is puzzled by her new behaviour. Dr Arden pulled an implant out of Kit and he wants to know why it was put there. He wants Kit to tell him who he is working for. Sr. Mary Eunice has turned bad after being possessed by the demon who was inside Jed and she kills one of the patients who realised what happened.

She feeds the remains to the unseen monsters outside. Then she goes to see Dr. Arden and comes on to him. Lana wants to get a note to her girlfriend, Lois and she asks Dr. Thredson to do it for her. Sr. Jude thinks that it was Dr Arden who sent her the newspaper about the hit and run. She receives a phone call from the girl that she killed and she turns to the bottle.She stumbles into the hall where the film is being shown and makes a fool of herself. Dr. Thredson talks to Lana and tells her that he couldn't find Lois. He found that her house was like the scene from the Bloody Face murders but if it was Bloody Face, then it cannot be Kit who is the killer. Grace and Kit are going to try and escape and Lana catches them. They don't want her to come. They finally relent and let her come. Shelley(Chloe Sevigny) distracts the guard while the others try and escape.

They get outside but then they meet the monster in the woods and they have no choice but to run back inside. Sr. Eunice tells Sr. Jude that there are three missing patients, but they have gotten back into their seats so there is no evidence of them escaping. Meanwhile, Dr Arden talks to Shelley who is a sex addict and he tries to rape her. He can't do it and she mocks him so he hits her. She wakes up in his lab and realises that he had chopped both of her legs off...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Red Lights Movie Review 271

Red Lights is a 2012 thriller directed by Rodrigo Cortes(Buried) and starring Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver and Robert De Niro.There are spoilers ahead so be warned!

Dr. Margaret Matheson(Weaver) and her assistant Tom Buckley(Murphy) are paranormal investigators who work in a university and go around trying to find out if so called supernatural occurrences are real.A world renowned blind psychic, Simon Silver(De Niro) is making a comeback after he stopped living in the public eye due to the death of one of his fiercest critics years ago at one of his shows. Margaret is reluctant to investigate him as she had a previous experience with him that left her unnerved. She tells Tom that he shouldn't have anything to do with him either. Tom doesn't want to leave it at that. He wants to find out if Silver is a genuine psychic or just another fraud. Helen dies of a mysterious disease and Tom is wondering if Silver had something to do with it. He becomes obsessed with the psychic.

The university where he works invite Silver to participate in tests designed to see if he is a fake. Tom is there and he meets Silver. Strange things happen to Tom such as birds flying into windows and his machines exploding and he wonders if it is Silver trying to get at him. The tests come out clean and it seems as if Silver is the real deal. Tom is sure that he isn't and he tries to come up with something to discredit him. His girlfriend, Sally(Elizabeth Olsen) finds some evidence that Silver is faking it but Tom has already gone to Silver's last show before his retirement. He gets beaten up in the bathroom by some guy who is somehow linked to Silver.

Tom stumbles out of the bathroom and he confronts the psychic who warns him not to mess with him.
It turns out that Silver is not blind after all. He has been able to see hence his success in the tests. Tom exposes him in front of the audience. He is disgraced and when the whole place starts to explode and the lights turn on and off it is apparent that it is not Silver who is the one with powers, it is Tom. Tom realises that he was denying what was in front of him. He had not been ready to embrace his gift. He wishes that he could have told Margaret that there are things that cannot be explained.

This movie was interesting. I liked Murphy in the lead role. He is a very good actor and Irish too! Weaver was good as the doctor and De Niro was great as the weird psychic. All in all, this was a good movie with good acting and the story was very interesting. I would recommend it if you like a decent thriller.
I am giving this a 7/10.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Cottage Movie Review 270

The Cottage is a 2012 thriller directed by Chris Jaymes and starring David Arquette,Kristen Dalton and Victor Browne.

The movie begins with a man and young woman getting married. The groom hands the bride a knife and she stabs two people presumably her parents. Cut to family living in a huge house. There ie father Michael(Browne), stepmother Chloe(Dalton), daughters Rose(Alana O'Mara), Danielle(Morissa O'Mara) and baby Taylor. There is a lot of friction between stepmother Chloe and her stepdaughter Danielle who is a bit of a bitch. Michael and Chloe have a cottage on their property which they want to rent.They are expecting a woman but a girl calls to the house and tells them that she was in a hit and run and won't be able to take the cottage. They have to look for someone new and along comes Robert(Arquette) who is a writer of romance stories. He seems very nice and both Michael and Chloe like him and agree to let him move into the cottage.

Chloe has her friend Annie(Bellamy Young) around for dinner and she asks Robert to come too. Annie likes him. He calls over to her the next day and he makes her feel very uncomfortable.She asks him to go but he won't leave. He takes her off in his struck to a place in the woods where he has three girls waiting for him. They are obviously his wives/girlfriends. They kill Annie. Next day, Danielle is in her bikini and Robert watches her from his cottage. The cops come to see Robert and Chloe goes over to see why. He tells her that it was nothing. He creeps her out and she begins to think that he is a weirdo. She tells Michael that she wants him to leave and Michael agrees. Danielle's boyfriend, Justin is over at her house. She throws him out and he hears music coming from the cottage. He peeks through the window and sees a girl dancing around. Robert catches him and invites him inside.

Robert continues with his creepiness until Michael goes over and tells him to get out. The next day, Chloe wakes up and Michael has gone. She tries to find him. Danielle goes missing next and she finds out that Rose was having a relationship with Robert for ages. They were chatting and there are pictures on her computer of them together. She gets attacked by Robert and taken to his place in the woods. Michael, Justin and Danielle are there. Rose and Robert are getting 'married' and then Rose has to kill her family. She kills Michael and Justin, but the others escape. Chloe stabs Robert and she and Danielle think that he is dead. They run off. The movie ends with Rose and loads of other young women standing around a bed where Robert is lying. They are waiting for him to recover. Rose has joined the group...

This film was okay. I thought that there was some awful acting. The characters in the family were unlikeable and silly. I thought that Arquette was good in his part. He played the creepy character well and that was the only thing that kept me watching. Dalton was awful as Chloe and the daughters were like blocks of wood. I was hoping that they would get killed off! The ending was weak, but all in all, not a bad thriller...I am giving it a 5/10.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Babysitter Movie Review 269

The Babysitter is a 1980 TV movie thriller directed by Peter Medak who also directed The Changeling and The Krays. It stars Patty Duke, William Shatner and Stephanie Zimbalist.

Dr.Jeff Benedict(Shatner) lives with his wife Liz(Duke) and daughter Tara in a large house.Jeff suggests that Liz needs some help around the house. Tara is playing outside when she spots a young woman who runs away. Tara chases her and they start to chat. The young woman is called Joanna Redwine(Zimbalist) and she is eighteen years of age. She is in the middle of the road when Liz is driving along and causes her to crash her car. She helps her and gets a doctor for Liz. Liz is grateful and finds out that Joanna was a live in housekeeper for another family. She decides to hire her. Jeff isn't so sure that Joanna is the best person for the job at first. He comes around when he sees how efficient she is. She gets along very well with Tara and she seems to fit into their family very well.

Their neighbour, Dr.Lindquist(John Houseman) is suspicious of Joanna. He thinks that she is not who she says she is. He thinks that there is something strange about her stories of looking after another family and he tries to find out all he can about her. She senses that he does not trust her and she tries to make  him think that she isn't dodgy but he sees through her facade. Meanwhile, Liz seems to breaking down. It turns out that she is an alcoholic and that Jeff moved her and Tara to this house to help her get over her
last battle with alcohol. She is  not happy and Joanna encourages her drinking. She becomes her confidant and she tries to come between Jeff and Liz. Liz begins to act strangely and she becomes drunk a lot. This makes Jeff angry and they fight all the time. Joanna tries to come on to Jeff, but he isn't interested in her.

Dr. Lindquist finds someone who knew Joanna and he finds out that she is dangerous. He tells Jeff and Liz about it, but Liz doesn't believe him. Joanna begins to turn on Tara too and Tara sees a nasty side to her former friend. Joanna encourages Liz to leave Jeff for a few days to teach him a lesson after he argues with her again. Joanna tries to take over the role of Liz and Tara is upset. She and Joanna go out with a friend and Tara sees Joanna cause him to have an accident and die. Liz returns home worse than ever. Jeff and Joanna chat about Liz and her condition. They share a kiss. Dr. Lindquist tries to tell the cops about Joanna but they won't help him. Joanna keeps Liz sedated and everyone just thinks that she is tired because of her drinking. Jeff turns on Joanna and tells her to get out. Dr. Lindquist finds the house of the family that Joanna was taking care of before and they have all been murdered. Joanna attacks Jeff and knocks him out. She tries to kill Liz and Tara. Dr. Lindquist has called the police and they catch her.
She breaks down and she is taken away by the cops.

This was a decent TV thriller. It is entertaining and the cast is pretty good. I would recommend it. It is definitely worth a watch. I am giving it a 6/10.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 4

This episode begins with an unknown person putting down fresh meat to lure the walkers. Cut to the two prisoners who Rick and company left in a section of the prison. They can't stand being inside there any longer and they want to join Rick's group. Rick and the others don't want them. Meanwhile, Michonne is having a look at the army jeep that the Governor and his crew brought back after they murdered the army guys last week. She notices that there are bullet holes in it and she realises that the walkers might not be the only killers around.She talks to the Governor and he has an excuse for everything.

In the prison Hershel is able to get up and walk around. He goes outside to see the others. In the other camp, Michonne and Andrea talk about leaving. Michonne wants to get out of there as she thinks that there is something funny going on. Back at the prison, Lori, Hershel and Carl are ambushed by walkers and they have to get away. The others run to help them. They go back inside but T-Dog is bitten on the shoulder by a walker. It turns out that someone has opened the gates and let the walkers in to the prison. Who was it? Rick assumes it was the two prisoners.Someone has also set off the siren and the walkers are coming from everywhere. At this time, Lori is with Maggie and Carl and she tells them that the baby is coming.

In the other camp, Merle and Andrea chat about Daryl and she tells him all she knows. He goes to talk to the Governor about it and he tells him that he wants to go and find his brother. The Governor tells him that he needs him at the camp and he doesn't want him to leave. Lori, meanwhile,is about the give birth.
T-Dog sacrifices himself to save Carol in the prison and he gets eaten by walkers. One of the prisoners inside attacks Rick and tries to kill him, but the other one saves his life. Lori tells Maggie that she will have to perform a c-section on her and this will mean operating. Maggie doesn't want to do it, but Lori tells her that the baby needs to survive. She does so and Lori says a tearful goodbye to Carl. She dies of blood loss but Carl has to put a bullet in her to make sure that she will not return as a walker. The baby is fine and Maggie takes it away. She and Carl go outside where Rick and the and the others are and he realises what has happened.

A very good episode with loads happening. It was sad when Lori died,but her character annoyed me so much that I was glad to see the back of her. T-Dog was a good character and it was a pity for him to die, but it does move the story along so that is good!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Strange and Deadly Occurrence Movie Review 268

The Strange and Deadly Occurrence is a 1974 TV movie directed by John Llewellyn Moxley and starring Robert Stack(Unsolved Mysteries) and Vera Miles(Psycho).

The movie opens with the Rhodes family who have moved into a house in the country after leaving the city. They are having some small problems in the house. The power cuts out and their horses are acting very strangely. Someone is watching the house.Michael (Stack) is the father and Chrissie(Miles) is the mother. Their daughter is Melissa(Margaret Willock) and she screams in the middle of the night when she thinks that someone has been in her room. Her parents tell her that it was just her imagination. They find out that the last owner died in mysterious circumstances. A weird guy called Dr. Gillgreen(Ted Gehring) comes around and he wants to buy the house from them. They don't want to sell.

Their house becomes overrun with gophers and they call an exterminator. Melissa has another scare as she thinks she sees someone in her room. They bring in the local police but the cops seem to think that they are just city slickers and they don't help much. Dr. Gillgreen comes back again and he wants to buy the house. Michael tells him no way. They find their guard dog dead and Michael wonders if it is Gillgreen who is doing all of the strange things around the house to get them to sell. He tells this to the cops,but gets no satisfaction. He buys a hand gun. Michael runs a check on the doctor and finds out that he was working as a doctor in a prison. Meanwhile, Chrissie nearly dies in the steam room when someone locks her in. The cops still think that they are imagining all of it.

That night, Dr Gillgreen is outside the house when he is attacked by someone. The lights go out inside and Michael, Melissa and Chrissie are in the bedroom. Michael gets his gun and he is going to go outside to confront whoever it is but Chrissie won't let him. They try the phone, but that is cut off. They hear moaning outside and the sounds of someone in pain. They wait until the next morning and when they go outside, they find the body of Dr. Gillgreen in their swimming pool. The cops come and they agree that it was probably him who was terrorizing them. They think that it is all over, but they are wrong. Michael finds out that Gillgreen was working in prison and he talked to a prisoner who told him that he had buried a lot of money in the yard of the house. Unfortunately, Melissa and Chrissie come face to face with another criminal who knows about the money and he takes them hostage. Michael arrives back and he meets the guy who is called Pratt(Bill McKinney). He wants them to dig for the money. He holds a gun on them. Chrissie manages to hit him and he falls then Michael fights with him. Chrissie grabs his gun when it falls and she shoots him dead. The movie ends with the exterminator finding the gopher nest and inside it is the eaten remnants of the buried cash!

This was an entertaining TV movies with some creepy scenes. I enjoyed it and it was a surprise as I had never heard much about it. It's not full of gore or that scary but it is worth a watch anyway. I am giving it 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 3

This week begins with a helicopter flying through the air. Someone shoots at it and brings it down. It crashes in the woods. Andrea and Michonne are there to see it. They are hiding in the bushes and they see jeeps driving to the scene and men get out. They look over the scene and take the wounded pilot with them. They realise that Michonne and Andrea are there and they take them with them also. They are with someone who is very familiar to Andrea. Merle(Daryl's brother) is in the group of men and they blindfold the women and bring them to a community. Andrea gets medical help. Andrea tells Merle all that has happened to Rick etc and how she got separated from the group and met Michonne. She tells Merle that Daryl was fine the last time she saw him but she doesn't know what happened to him.

They meet the leader of the community and he is called The Governor(David Morrissey) and he seems
like a reasonable person. He has their weapons and he tells them that they can leave tomorrow. The community is called Woodbury and it has everything that someone could want. The town is well guarded and the people seem to have plenty of weapons. The Governor shows them to a room where they can sleep for the night. He tells them that there are 73 people living there. Andrea likes him and he seems to like her too. She seems very impressed with the town. The Governor talks to the pilot of the helicopter and asks him what happened. He tells him that he was with other army guys and they got ambushed by walkers. There are still some guys waiting for them to return.

The Governor wants Merle to get more information about Rick and company. He is interested in the group of survivors. Andrea decides that she wants to stay but Michonne is not so sure. She is wary of The Governor and for a good reason. He takes his men out and they find the army guys who are waiting for the helicopter and they kill them all. It seems that The Governor is not so good after all. He goes back to his base and he has a room full of heads in containers. Just what is he up to???

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 2

Episode two begins with Bloody Face chasing the girl in the old asylum. He kills her husband and he is coming for her...Cut back to 1964 and Lana's girlfriend Lois is feeling bad about giving Sr. Jude the go ahead to put Lana in the asylum. She is going to try and get her out when she is killed by Bloody Face.
Sr Jude goes to Dr.Arden and she tells him that she wants him to perform shock therapy on Lana. Lana is given it and she has to write things down to remember them. A psychiatrist called Dr.Thredson(Zachary Quinto) comes into the asylum to meet Kit. Kit tells him about the alien abduction of his wife and the doctor thinks that he is insane. Kit wants to escape the asylum. Dr. Thredson is appalled at the mistreatment of the patients and he mentions it to Sr. Jude who puts him in his place.

 A couple come into the asylum with their son who seems to be acting very strangely. It seems as if he is possessed and Sr. Jude calls in some priests to perform an exorcism. They want Dr. Thredson to help them and he does, but with reservations as he does not believe in possession.  Lana asks Grace to help her escape. Grace wants Kit to come with them, but Lana will not allow it. Dr. Arden has a prostitute at his house and it turns out that he is a complete weirdo. Sr Jude gets caught in the room with the possessed Jed and he knows her past. It turns out that she was a loose woman before becoming a nun and she killed a girl when she was drunk driving.

The lights start turning on and off and the cell doors open in the asylum. All of the patients come out of their cells. Lana and Grace see this as an excuse to escape. They are making their way when Kit wants to come along. Lana won't go with him and she tells the wardens that he is trying to escape, ruining Grace's escape too. The possessed boy dies but the evil seems to transfer into someone else. Sr Jude is happy that Lana has stopped Grace and Kit from leaving.She brings them in and she hits them with her cane as Lana watches. They both hate Lana now.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 2

Last episode,the group were in the prison and they met some humans who were there. Cut to this week and Rick and company talk to them to find out that they are survivors who were inmates of the prison.
They have been hiding out in the prison, unaware of the chaos outside. More walkers are coming and the group need to move Hersel somewhere safe. The prisoners follow them and they end up arguing over territory. They eventually come to an agreement. Rick tells them he will help them to move to another cell block in exchange for food supplies.

The prisoners seem clueless about killing walkers. Rick and the group have to show them how. Carl manages to get medical supplies. The prisoners get some practice in killing the walkers, but one of their own gets bitten and they have to kill him. Meanwhile, Carol needs a female walker to experiment on. She wants to know how to give a c-section as she will probably have to perform one for Lori.Another two of the prisoners get killed. Rick is going to kill the final two of them, but changes his mind. He leaves them to fend for themselves in one of the prison blocks. Hershel wakes up and he is still alive. Carol performs her experiment on a dead walker. Someone is watching her.....

A good episode with loads of action. This series has started very well and I like that there is a change of scenery. Rick has stepped up finally and he is showing some leadership skills!
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