Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 7

 Last time, Michonne had reached the prison and met Rick for the first time...

This episode begins with Glenn being interrogated by Merle. Merle wants to know where their camp is. He beats him while trying to get the information out of him. Meanwhile, Michonne gets ambushed by walkers at the gates of the prison. Rick doesn't know if he should let her in or not. She is weak from her wound so she collapses. The walkers are going to kill her, but Rick and the others save her and bring her inside. Rick takes her sword from her. Daryl brings Carol to the others and Rick is delighted to see her alive. Carol is upset when she realises that Lori is dead. Michonne tells Rick that Glenn and Maggie are in a place called Woodbury and she tells him about The Governor. They decide to go and get them out.

Back in Woodbury, Merle is trying to break Glenn. The Governor tells Andrea that he has people performing experiments on people trying to find out why they turn into walkers. Maggie meets The Governor and he pretends to be nice to her at first, but then she sees his real side. He makes her strip and she thinks that he is going to rape her, but he doesn't. He brings her into Glenn and tells him that they will die if he doesn't tell him where their camp is. Maggie breaks and tells him. Rick and company arrive at Woodbury to get Glenn and Maggie...


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