Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 9

Last time on The Walking Dead, all hell was breaking loose in Woodbury. Daryl and Merle were pitted against each other as the crowd roared for them to be killed.Andrea saw Daryl and was shocked.

This episode begins with the Governor making Daryl and Merle face off. The crowd want them to fight to the death. Andrea tries to stop it but the Governor ignores her. Merle starts the fight by hitting Daryl. Rick and the others intervene and all hell breaks loose. Daryl and Merle manage to escape with them. Walkers get into the town and start to attack the residents. Rick's group argue over Merle. They don't want him to stay with them as he is dangerous. Daryl won't abandon his brother again and he decides to leave with Merle if they won't take him. Rick and the others don't want Daryl to go but he insists and he leaves them. 

In the prison Tyrese and his friends are chatting with Hershel and the other survivors. Tyrese tells them that there were 25 in their group but the walkers killed most of them. Tyrese and Sasha are the leaders and they want to stay with the group. Meanwhile, with Daryl gone, Rick and the others argue. Rick wants Michonne to get lost too. In Woodbury, the locals are getting anxious and they want to leave. The Governor won't let them and threatens them with violence if they go. Andrea is caught up in the middle of it and she tries to convince them to stay. Rick arrives back at the prison and tells the others that Daryl has gone. Carol is very upset to hear this.

Andrea talks to the Governor about taking charge of his town. He seems to have gone mad. He tells her about Glenn and Maggie being there and she is shocked. She wants to know why he didn't tell her. He is beginning to turn on her as he wonders where her loyalties lie. In the prison, Rick talks to Tyrese and Sasha about them joining his group. He doesn't think that it is a good idea. Hershel tries to talk him round but then Rick sees Lori's ghost and he loses it. The others are afraid of him as he seems to be cracking up...A great episode with lots of action. I can't wait until the next one!!!


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