Friday, April 12, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 14 and 15

Episode 14 begins with The Governor who is preparing some items in his workshop. Milton talks to Andrea and tells her that there is no hope of a truce between Rick and The Governor. He and Andrea look at him in his workshop and he is setting up a torture chamber. Andrea is disturbed by this. She is beginning to see him as he really is. Andrea is going to shoot him but Milton stops her telling her that if he dies, others will take over who are no better and that will not make things better. He advises her to make a run for it and warn Rick and company at the prison. Andrea goes to head over the wall. Tyreese and Sasha are guarding the perimeter and they try and stop her. She tells them that The Governor is not what he seems and that they should realise it. She leaves and they tell The Governor who makes them think that Andrea is crazy. He decides to go after Andrea and kill her.

Andrea is followed by The Governor and he tracks her to a warehouse and tries to kill her. She lures him into a trap and leaves him to face loads of walkers. Thinking that he is dead, she reaches the prison and she is just going to shout to Rick when she is caught by The Governor who somehow survived the walker onslaught. Cut back to Woodbury and The Governor talks to Milton and Tyreese about Andrea and tells them that he didn't find her and that he hopes that she is still alive. She is in his workshop bound and gagged and waiting for whatever The Governor has planned for her....

Episode 15 begins with Rick deciding to hand over Michonne. He tells Hershel who is not happy and Daryl who agrees to support him. He then tells Merle who doesn't think that Rick will do it. Rick does change his mind and doesn't tell Merle who goes ahead on his own. He knocks out Michonne and takes her off. Daryl realises this and he follows them. Merle and Michonne talk about it and he tells her that he 
is an outsider and so is she, He sets off a car alarm by mistake and draws a loads of walkers on them. He sets Michonne free and they fight them. He then tells her to go back. He has something to do alone. He heads off and tries to kill The Governor, but gets caught.

Daryl meets Michonne and she tells him what happened. He goes to look for Merle. Glenn and Maggie get engaged. Rick tells everyone that all decisions are to be decided as a group. He tells them about Michonne and Merle taking her. Michonne arrives back.Daryl looks for Merle and finds him- as a walker. He has been killed by The Governor and has turned. He has to kill him and he does so then cries...
Two good episodes. It is a pity that Merle was killed off, I liked his character and preferred him to most of the other characters in the show....


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