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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Red Canyon Movie Review 287

Red Canyon is a 2008 horror movie directed by Giovanni Rodriguez and starring Norman Reedus(The Walking Dead),Justin Hartley(Smallville) and Christine Lakin(Step By Step).

The movie begins in Cainville, USA and a brother and sister go into a cave. The sister, Gina(Lakin) is attacked by a man while her brother, Devon(Tim Draxl) has to watch. Years later, Gina and Devon are back with their friends to sell their mother's house after her death. There are many bad memories for Gina and she is taking a long time to get over her attack.Devon is her protector and his girlfriend, Terra(Katie Maguire) thinks that he should let Gina get over it herself. The other two friends are Tom(Hartley) who is a pretty boy and Samir(Ankur Bhatt). They reach the house and then go out to the local bar where they encounter some familiar faces. Mac(Reedus) is a nasty piece of work who cannot be trusted and Harley(Noah Fleiss) who likes Gina.

The story is basically that Mac is a psycho and he tries to kill them and his dad Walter wants to buy the house from them. Anyway, they get attacked by Mac and he goes mad killing them. The ending is very complicated and all of the skeletons come out of the closet. Mac and his pal were running a drugs lab in the cave when Gina, Harley and Devon turned up. They were messing around when Mac and his pal decided to rape Gina and attack Devon. But Devon isn't squeaky clean and he turns out to be a pervert too in the end when he rapes his sister. Weird stuff. Not a great movie. I liked Norman Reedus, but that was it. Nothing special about this low budget horror/thriller. Give it a go but be warned that the ending is a bit of a downer... I will give this a 4/10.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don't Let Him In Movie Review 286

Don't Let Him In is a 2011 British horror movie directed by Kelly Smith and starring Sophie Linfield,Sam Hazeldine and Gordon Alexander.

A killer is busy cutting up body parts in his little lair and a girl has been captured and is distraught. Cut to a group of people going down to Devon for the weekend.They are staying at a house in the countryside.
Paige(Linfield) and her boyfriend Calvin(Rhys Meredith) are accompanied by Calvin's sister Mandy(Gemma Harvey) and her friend Tristan(Alexander). They meet a traveller called Emer and she tells them that there is something evil in the woods.The local policeman calls to them and tells them about a killer who is on the loose. The killer is called The Tree Surgeon as he hangs bits of his victims from trees in the forest. He warns them to stay inside at night. Tristan heads off to get supplies alone and the others wonder if he has come to some harm.Calvin and Mandy go to look for him. Paige is alone in the house when someone comes to the door. It is a guy called Shawn(Hazeldine) and he has been hurt.The others find Tristan and come back to find Shawn there.

Shawn tells them that he was attacked by someone in the woods.They let him stay. Calvin and Tristan go fishing but Calvin sees something that he is not meant to on Tristan's phone and is killed by him. Tristan goes back to the house and tells them that Calvin is staying out longer.Paige is worried about her boyfriend and Shawn offers to go out and look for him. He finds Calvin's dead body and everyone thinks that the Tree Surgeon got him. Tristan attacks Paige and then Shawn attacks Tristan. Tristan hurts Shawn and he tries to get Paige who manages to lock him out. Paige goes to get help but Mandy lets Tristan in, not knowing what happened. He kills her. Tristan goes after Paige and tries to kill her but Shawn stops him by slitting his throat. Paige realises that Shawn is the Tree Surgeon. He brings her to his lair where he is cutting up her friends. She escapes, but he follows her, cornering her at a farmyard. She fights with him and they end up impaled on a spike together....

An okay movie with some interesting bits. It isn't what I would call scary really and some of the characters aren't great, but it was entertaining for a while. Nothing special, but if you like British horror then give it a try. I am rating it a 4/10.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bloody Birthday Movie Review 285

Bloody Birthday is a 1981 horror movie directed by Ed Hunt and starring Susan Strasberg and Julie Brown.

Three babies are born during an eclipse in 1970 at the start of the movie.Cut to ten years later and a couple are canoodling in the graveyard when they are murdered by unknown assailants and buried.
Sheriff Brody goes to the local school to talk to young kids about the murders.A skipping rope was found at the crime scene and he wants to know if any of them own it. Nobody does. Joyce(Lori Lethin) is a teaching assistant and she asks her little brother Timmy(K.C. Martel) is he saw anything suspicious. He tells her that he didn't. Three of the kids in Timmy's class are a bit dodgy. They are Debbie,Curtis and
Steven who were all born on the same day during an eclipse. What nobody knows is that they are a kiddie killing crew and they take their aggression out on anyone who annoys them.

Timmy discovers their secret and they try and kill him. He tries to warn others but the idea is so far fetched that people don't believe it. Timmy tells Joyce and she eventually believes him. They are now the targets of the psycho trio and they have to try and escape from them. Debbie and her two goons come for them and they have to fight them off. They manage to call the cops and Curtis and Steven are taken away. Debbie, however, is not. She and her mother go into witness protection and they have changed their names etc. They are on the road to their new life and are stopped at a gas station.Debbie has just murdered someone and heads off with her mother proving that she is just an evil ten year old and the killing will continue!!This was an entertaining take on the normal slasher movie and I found it funny with the kids running around killing people. It seemed a bit silly, but good fun and it was different from the usual horror movie so I would recommend it. It is worth a watch and I did have fun  so I will give it a 5/10.
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