Friday, May 10, 2013

Bloody Birthday Movie Review 285

Bloody Birthday is a 1981 horror movie directed by Ed Hunt and starring Susan Strasberg and Julie Brown.

Three babies are born during an eclipse in 1970 at the start of the movie.Cut to ten years later and a couple are canoodling in the graveyard when they are murdered by unknown assailants and buried.
Sheriff Brody goes to the local school to talk to young kids about the murders.A skipping rope was found at the crime scene and he wants to know if any of them own it. Nobody does. Joyce(Lori Lethin) is a teaching assistant and she asks her little brother Timmy(K.C. Martel) is he saw anything suspicious. He tells her that he didn't. Three of the kids in Timmy's class are a bit dodgy. They are Debbie,Curtis and
Steven who were all born on the same day during an eclipse. What nobody knows is that they are a kiddie killing crew and they take their aggression out on anyone who annoys them.

Timmy discovers their secret and they try and kill him. He tries to warn others but the idea is so far fetched that people don't believe it. Timmy tells Joyce and she eventually believes him. They are now the targets of the psycho trio and they have to try and escape from them. Debbie and her two goons come for them and they have to fight them off. They manage to call the cops and Curtis and Steven are taken away. Debbie, however, is not. She and her mother go into witness protection and they have changed their names etc. They are on the road to their new life and are stopped at a gas station.Debbie has just murdered someone and heads off with her mother proving that she is just an evil ten year old and the killing will continue!!This was an entertaining take on the normal slasher movie and I found it funny with the kids running around killing people. It seemed a bit silly, but good fun and it was different from the usual horror movie so I would recommend it. It is worth a watch and I did have fun  so I will give it a 5/10.


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