Thursday, October 10, 2013

Don't Look Up Movie Review 303

Don't Look Up is a 2009 horror movie directed by Fruit Chan and starring Reshad Strik,Eli Roth,Henry Thomas and Rachael Murphy.

In Romania years ago, a woman made a pact with the Devil to bear him a child in return for the love of a powerful man. She kept her promise and the child was born and called Matya. In the village where she lived, the locals were horrified when they saw the mark of the Devil on the child and took the girl and tortured and killed her. She is said to have haunted the village since. In 1928, a movie maker called Bela Olt(Roth) is making a movie about Matya with an actress called Lila Kis(Murphy). The cast and crew of the film vanished and the movie was never found.A filmmaker called Marcus Reed(Strik) and his producer Josh Petri(Thomas) go to Romania to make a movie about Matya. They bring their crew with them and go to the original place where the 1928 film was made.

Strange things begin to happen to them and Marcus has weird visions of Matya etc. The rest of the movie is pretty much people getting killed etc and Marcus wondering if Matya has come back for revenge. I thought that this movie was not good. I didn't really like it at all. It was dull and a bit too obvious for my liking. It just wasn't well made. I wouldn't watch it again. I would skip it unless you like really bad movies. It gets a 2/10.


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