Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 1

 It's finally back! The new season of The Walking Dead begins and we are back with Rick and company.
Things have changed since the last time we saw them. They are growing their own food now and they even have a pig! The new people have settled in with Rick and the others and they are working as a team.
The walkers are coming in waves and they come to the fence. They are all spiked in the head by the group but there is no let up. Michonne is looking for The Governor who has disappeared. She comes back to the prison to visit with the survivors.Rick doesn't have his gun with him anymore. He is trying to set an example for Carl who was getting involved in the killing last season.

Rick is out in the woods when he meets an Irish woman called Clara(Kerry Condon) who is looking for food for her husband who she says is weak. Rick is suspicious of her as she seems very dodgy. He lets her lead him back to her camp where he realises that her husband is a walker and she wanted to let him eat Rick. He is not happy with her but she stabs herself so that she can turn into a walker too and be with her husband. Rick is horrified and leaves them. Elsewhere, Daryl and some others go to a supermarke to get supplies. There are a load of walkers on the roof which collapses on top of them. They have to fight their way through the walkers who are falling in on top of them. They lose a man in the fight. A young man called Patrick is not feeling well back at the prison. He goes into the shower and as he is standing under the water, he collapses and dies. It seems that there is some virus spreading around...

A good episode. The series is going to have to take a new direction I suppose as they can't just stay in the prison. I am looking forward to see what happens from here!


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