Wednesday, November 6, 2013

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 1

It's back and this time the focus is on witches. American Horror Story:Coven stars a lot of the same cast as the previous two seasons so there are a lot of familiar faces here and a few new ones too.

This season begins with in 1834 with a woman called Madame LaLaurie(Kathy Bates). She is a wealthy woman and she is well known in New Orleans. What people don't know about her is that she is evil and she uses her slaves to torture as she pleases. She finds out that one of her slaves has had sex with her daughter and she brings her to her torture chamber and sews his mouth shut. Then she puts the severed head of a bull on him and leaves him there. Unfortunately for her, the man was the lover of a voodoo priestess called Marie Laveau(Angela Bassett) and she is not too pleased with what she has done. She goes to Madame LaLaurie with a potion, claiming that it will give her a new life, but instead she collapses and seems dead.

Cut to modern day and a young girl called Zoe Benson(Taissa Farmiga) is with her boyfriend and they are having sex when he dies of a brain aneurysm. It turns out that Zoe is a witch and that witches are in her family. She has to be sent away to New Orleans to a school for witches. She arrives at the school and she meets the headmistress Cordelia Foxx(Sarah Paulson) and the other three witches- Madison(Emma Roberts), Nan(Jamie Brewer) and Queenie(Gabourey Sidibe).She discovers that the witches are under threat as there are not enough witches breeding children and they could die out. Also, people are afraid of witches and Zoe finds out about a witch called Misty Day(Lily Rabe) who was burned at the stake by locals when they discovered her identity.

The supreme witch is Fiona Goode(Jessica Lange) and she is trying to regain her youth. She has procedures and uses anything to help, but she is still old. She hears about the death of Misty Day and she goes to the witch school to see what is to be done. She is Cordelia's mother but they are not very close. She thinks that the witches need to stand up and fight. Madison and Zoe get on well and become friends. They go to a frat party and meet some boys. Madison has her drink spiked and she gets raped by a gang of frat boys. Zoe talks to a guy called Kyle(Evan Peters) who is also a frat boy but who is not involved in the rape and is horrified to see what his buddies have done. He tries to stop them but they knock him out and take him with them to their bus where they try to escape. Madison is very angry and she follows them and blows up their bus with them inside. Zoe goes to the hospital afterwards to see if Kyle is still alive. He has died but one of the others is still alive so she has sex with him and he dies of an aneurysm just like the other guy. Fiona finds out that Madame LaLaurie was buried alive so she digs her up and brings her into the school to talk..

A very interesting start to the new season. I think that this show is very well made and well acted so this season will be great!


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