Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jigsaw's Lair Five Year Anniversary!

Yes, it is hard to believe that we have been going for five years already! Jigsaw's Lair has been trawling through horror, comedy, action, drama, TV etc for a long long time and we have been entertaining you with our blog for five long years. We hope that you enjoy it and we definitely hope that we have inspired you to watch some movies that you might not have heard of before. We are devoted to movies, TV and books that we enjoy and we hope that you like our choices.

Amanda: I love horror movies and I always have. I love the darker side to things and I do enjoy reading horror novels and thrillers too. I like a bit of everything else too, but in my heart, I love all things horror.
The blog focuses a lot on horror as that is what we watch mostly but I like to think that there is something for everyone. I like to read other people's blogs too and see what they enjoy as it can be hard to find people who enjoy horror etc as much as I do. I think that there are some great movies and TV shows out there and we will continue to write our reviews or give our opinions so keep reading and enjoy the reviews!

Jigsaw:Thanks everyone for supporting our blog over the years. We hope that you have enjoyed it and we will keep posting and putting up lots of our favourite things. We want to have something for everyone so if you are new to our site, have a look around, there are plenty of different movies etc to look at!
Five years is a long time and we are glad that you are still supporting us and enjoying our blog! Keep on reading!!!

So, we hope that you will continue to read our blog and enjoy it as much as we enjoy posting our stuff!
Here's to another five years!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a great and fun 5 years. I've been following and reading your blog since nearly the beginning and look forward to another 5 years.

Over the years you've helped me find some winners and avoid some losers. Thanks for what you do.

Amanda said...

Thanks and we are very glad you like the blog! We will keep posting and giving our opinions on what's good or bad!Keep reading!!!

Brigadier General Creedon said...

Oh hell! I missed your anniversary. I just scrolled back to see a few things I missed and I spotted it.

Congratulations on a long run. Not too many make it this far and keep it up. Here's to five more!

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