Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Card Player Movie Review 309

The Card Player is a 2004 thriller/horror movie directed by Dario Argento. It stars Stefania Rocca and Liam Cunningham.

The story begins with a cop called Anna Mari(Rocca) who receives an email from an anonymous person saying that the police have to play online poker with him. He has kidnapped a woman and he will kill her if they lose the game. He has the woman on webcam and the cops can see her being tortured and eventually killed. They are no match for him as he seems to be a brilliant poker player.
He kills some of the girls on the internet and the cops are helpless. Anna is determined that they beat this guy as he says that if they win the poker game, he will let the victim go. When a British national is killed, a cop from England comes to join forces with Anna. He is John Brennan(Cunningham) and he and Anna look for leads.

They discover a poker wiz called Remo(Silvio Muccino). He is a young guy and he doesn't really want to help them at first when he sees what the stakes are. He eventually agrees to help them and he wins a couple of hands, but loses then. The cops are disappointed. The killer is in Anna's apartment but he escapes. John and Anna grow very close. The killer takes the police comissioners daughter and Remo has to play for her life. He does win and the killer lets her go. But, he kills Remo one night. John gets killed. Anna is kidnapped by the killer who turns out to be one of the cops in her department. She manages to escape him and he gets mowed down by a train.

I liked this film. It has got negative reviews but it isn't that bad. It was entertaining but I did figure out who the killer was in the first half of the movie. I thought that it was a little obvious, but on the whole, this was a good decent thriller. I will give it a 7/10.

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 6

Last week, The Governor was spotted watching the prison. This week, we find out what happened to him after he went crazy and shot most of his men. He gets abandoned by the few men he had left and he wanders around. He returns to Woodbury and burns it all down. He wanders around and meets a family who are living in an apartment. They are Lilly(Audrey Marie Anderson),Tara, Meghan and their dad who is sick with cancer. He calls himself Brian and he tells them that he will just stay the night. They need oxygen tanks for their dad so Brian goes and gets them for  them. They are very grateful to him. The dad eventually dies and Brian has to shoot him as he will turn into a walker. He buries him.

He decides to go on the road but they don't want him to leave. Brian looks at Meghan who is around the same age as his daughter who died and he decides to stay. They go on the road together and Brian and Lilly have sex. The next day, they run into a huge group of walkers, so they have to run. Brian takes Meghan and they flee with the others. They fall into a huge pit which contains walkers. Brian kills them with his bare hands and tells Meghan he will protect her. He looks up and sees one of his old men, Martinez looking down at him with a gun. This was an interesting episode and it is good to see The Governor in a different light.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Silent Night Movie Review 308

Silent Night is a 2012 horror movie which is supposed to be similar to Silent Night, Deadly Night, but doesn't quite match up. It is directed by Steven C. Miller and stars Malcolm McDowell and Jaime King.

The story is pretty simple- there is a rabid Santa Claus going around killing bad people. He has a serious problem and he is giving the real Santa a bad name! It is Christmas Eve and there are tons of Santas wandering the streets so it is really hard to find the killer among them. The Sheriff is James Cooper(McDowell) and he has his hands full trying to find the killer. His Deputy is Aubrey Bradimore(King) and she is trying to help him to discover the culprit. A grandpa issues a word of warning to his young grandson(a homage to Silent Night, Deadly Night) and he scares the grandson. Meanwhile Santa is murdering more locals.

Aubrey and Sheriff Cooper try and track down the killer Santa and they have to do it before he claims even more lives. This was an okay film. With the festive season almost upon us, it was only right to watch some Christmas horror. There aren't too many Christmas horror movies to sink my teeth into and this one was not great or not crap. It was watchable and there are plenty of gory parts if you like that.It is worth a watch, especially at this time of year. I wouldn't watch it again, but it wasn't all bad. Check it out if you aren't too fussy. I will give it a 4/10.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 4, episode 5

Last time, Rick threw Carol out of the group.Now, Rick is on his way back to the prison. Hershel is helping the sick. One of them has died. Glenn is stuck inside with them also. Rick arrives back and people want to know where Carol is. Hershel tells Rick what has been happening while he was gone. The walkers start to take over and they attack Hershel. Rick is outside and he hears a gunshot inside the prison. They need to strengthen the outside fence as the walkers are pushing on it. Hershel tries to fight against the walkers. The fence gives way to the walkers and the start to stream in. Rick and Carl are stuck.

They manage to keep the walkers under control, but it won't last. Maggie saves Hershel from the walkers. Daryl and the others come back from their run and Daryl asks Rick about Carol. He doesn't say anything to him yet. There is someone watching the prison from afar. Who is it? It's The Governor and he is looking mean....It is good to see The Governor back. He is a good character and it will make things more interesting!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Class of Nuke 'Em High Movie Review 307

Class of Nuke 'Em High is a 1986 sci-fi/horror movie made by Troma so you know that it will be a little different straight away! This is like a comedy too so there is something for everyone here! It is directed by Richard W. Haines and Lloyd Kaufman(under the name Samuel Weil).

Tromaville High School is situated next to a nuclear power plant(what the hell??) and some kids get their hands on a radioactive marijuana plant which leads to some of the kids being sold pot that is tainted. The kids start to have hallucinations and one of them gets pregnant with some horrible monster baby which drops into the toilet(this is very unusual stuff!!!!). The high school is plagued by this group of weirdos called The Cretins and they rule the place. They sell their weed to the kids whether they want it or not and they start giving people the tainted stuff. When a guy called Warren smokes the pot at a party, he turns into a strong man and he beats up and kills some of the Cretins. They swear revenge on him.

Unfortunately, at this moment, the monster baby is living in a barrel of radioactive goo and it is waiting in the fallout shelter in the school basement. The Cretins lure Warren into the school as they are holding his girlfriend hostage. They wreck the school and then try to get Warren, but the monster baby gets them and kills them. Warren and his girlfriend try to escape the monster and get out of the school but it is after them. Warren uses a laser that his science teacher has bought and kills the monster, but also destroys the school. Warren and his girlfriend escape and think that all is well, but from the rubble of the school comes a new little monster!

This film was very strange, but fun. If you have seen Troma movies before, this is the norm. It was funny, though and I liked it. There was mayhem throughout and the story was a little lacking, but I think that this film doesn't rely on story and it was just plain fun. It is worth a look if you like Troma and if you enjoy a good comedy/horror movie. I will give it a 5/10.

Monday, December 9, 2013

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 3

In 1971, Fiona talks to the then supreme Anna-Leigh(Christine Ebersole)  about her powers. She tells her that she will be the next supreme no matter what. When Anna-Leigh tells her that she will never be, she slits her throat. The butler, Spalding(Denis O' Hare) sees all. Cut to present day and there are new neighbours. Zoe, Nan and Queenie look on as their new neighbour, Luke(Alexander Dreymon) and his mother Joan(Pattit LuPone) move in. Nan and Madison go to visit them with a cake. Joan does not like Madison and she tells them to get out when she sees Madison flirting with her son. Zoe goes to see Kyle's mother and they talk about him. His mother tells her that she really misses him and is lost without him. Zoe thinks that she should bring Kyle to her to help her. She goes to see Misty Day who doesn't want to give him up. She eventually does. Zoe takes him back to his mother not knowing that she was having a very dodgy relationship with her son.

Cordelia goes to Marie Laveau to try and get some help as she can't get pregnant. Laveau laughs in her face. Fiona begins to realise that Madison is getting powerful and she thinks that she will be the next supreme. She decides to be her mentor. Kyle kills his mother when she tries to come on to him. Zoe sees what he has done.  Queenie and La Laurie are talking when the slave Bastien shows up outside. LaLaurie thinks that he has come for her. Queenie goes out to him. Fiona murders Madison because she thinks that she is going to try and take her place as the next supreme. Spalding sees all but he is a mute so her secret is safe. Good episode!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 4

Last time, Rick had discovered that Carol had killed two people who were going to turn and she had burned them and dragged them outside. He and Carol head off to get supplies and he is thinking about what she did. Carol tries to make Rick see sense and tells him that she did what she had to, but he is not so sure. They look through houses and meet two young people who tell them that they have only been in the house for a couple of days. They are both injured and Carol helps them. They want to go with Rick and Carol back to the prison. Rick doesn't know if they should because of the sickness that is there.He eventually agrees to let them come back but tells them to go look for supplies. He gives them a gun and tells them to shoot it if they get stuck. Meanwhile, Daryl and the others are looking for transport. Tyreese is still angry over what happened and he lets out a load of walkers who had  been locked up. The group have to fight and Michonne tells Tyreese to calm down and get on with it.

Carol and Rick both see the survivors that they met earlier and they are both dead and being eaten by walkers.Rick and Carol talk about what she did and he thinks that she was wrong and tells her so. He also tells her that she has to leave the group. She can't believe that he is kicking her out, but he tells her that Tyreese will want revenge on her and the others won't like what she did. She thinks that she can handle Tyreese but Rick doesn't want here there so she accepts that she has to go it alone. He gives her some supplies and a car and leaves her. I did not see that coming and I am not sure that that is a good move for the group. I can see why Rick thought he had to kick her out, but the group needs strong people especially now that people are dropping like flies.I didn't like that plot development but we will see.I suppose that Carol will pop back up somewhere along the line...

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