Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Silent Night Movie Review 308

Silent Night is a 2012 horror movie which is supposed to be similar to Silent Night, Deadly Night, but doesn't quite match up. It is directed by Steven C. Miller and stars Malcolm McDowell and Jaime King.

The story is pretty simple- there is a rabid Santa Claus going around killing bad people. He has a serious problem and he is giving the real Santa a bad name! It is Christmas Eve and there are tons of Santas wandering the streets so it is really hard to find the killer among them. The Sheriff is James Cooper(McDowell) and he has his hands full trying to find the killer. His Deputy is Aubrey Bradimore(King) and she is trying to help him to discover the culprit. A grandpa issues a word of warning to his young grandson(a homage to Silent Night, Deadly Night) and he scares the grandson. Meanwhile Santa is murdering more locals.

Aubrey and Sheriff Cooper try and track down the killer Santa and they have to do it before he claims even more lives. This was an okay film. With the festive season almost upon us, it was only right to watch some Christmas horror. There aren't too many Christmas horror movies to sink my teeth into and this one was not great or not crap. It was watchable and there are plenty of gory parts if you like that.It is worth a watch, especially at this time of year. I wouldn't watch it again, but it wasn't all bad. Check it out if you aren't too fussy. I will give it a 4/10.


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