Monday, February 24, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 9

Episode 9 begins with us finding out that Hank is the son of a witch hunter and he learned to kill witches at a young age. Cut to present day and Fiona takes the head of Delphine to see Marie Laveau and they chat about coming to a truce. They talk about the witch hunters and Fiona tells her that they will not stop after they have destroyed the coven. She thinks that they will come for Laveau next. Marie seems very casual about it all. Hank goes to see his dad who is the head of a company called the Delphi Trust and they talk about Hank's progress. He discovers that it was his dad who ordered the attack on Cordelia to let him know that he has to kill all the witches ,even his wife. Myrtle meets the witches council and they are sorry that they convicted her of the attack when she was innocent. Myrtle gives them something to paralyse them and then she takes out their eyes and gives them to Cordelia who can then see. The only problem is that she has lost her second sight.

Hank is working with Marie Laveau to get rid of the witches. She wants them all dead. Cordelia wants a divorce from him as she knows that he is dodgy. He has to leave. Kyle becomes their protector as he is good at attacking people. Nan goes to the hospital to see Luke who is still in a coma. She can hear him talking to her and he tells her that his mother murdered his father. Nan confronts his mother, but she throws her out. Queenie has Delphine's head and she makes her watch civil rights footage etc in an effort to get her to change her ways. Delphine seems to be affected by some of it. Queenie is still at Marie's salon when Hank barges in, armed and ready to kill everyone. He attacks and kills one of her staff. He wounds Queenie and Marie until Queenie uses her powers to kill him. Marie shows up at Fiona's and comes inside, suggesting a truce.


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