Monday, February 17, 2014

Fear In The Night Movie Review 314

Fear in the Night is a 1972 horror/thriller directed by Jimmy Sangster and starring Joan Collins, Peter Cushing, Ralph Bates and Judy Geeson.

Peggy Hellet(Geeson) is a young woman who has just become married to Robert Heller(Bates). They are going to relocate from London to a boys boarding school where Robert works. Peggy is attacked at her flat the night before they are going. Someone breaks into her place and tries to strangle her. The person has a fake arm. She wakes up in her flat and when she tells her landlady, she doesn't believe her.
Peggy has had mental problems and Robert thinks that she has been imagining it all. She insists that she was attacked. They go down to the boys school and Robert shows her around. He tells her that the headmaster is Michael Carmichael(Cushing) and his wife is Molly(Collins). They settle in. They run into Molly who seems a little odd.

Robert has to leave for a work errand and Peggy is alone in the cottage. She decides to wander through the school when she hears voices of a class going on. She goes into one of the classrooms and discovers that there is no class, but it is a recording. The headmaster Carmichael is there and he talks to her. She is a little rattled, but he seems nice. Things take a sinister turn when Peggy thinks that Carmichael is after her and she grabs a shotgun and shoots at him. Robert arrives back at the cottage and a twisted plot unfurls. Robert and Molly are lovers. They are behind the attacks on Peggy and they were trying to drive her mad. They want to get rid of Molly's husband and they thought that if Peggy was spooked, she would shoot him. The school has been closed for years and Robert has been looking after Carmichael because he has mental problems since there was a fire in the school years ago and he got burned.Carmichael knows what they are up to and wants revenge. In the end, Peggy is taken prisoner by the two of them and she and Carmichel get rid of the two lovers. Robert ends up hanging from a tree in front of the school. Peggy leaves to start her life again... An entertaining movie which I enjoyed. It is worth a watch if you like Hammer horror! I will give it a 6/10.


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