Thursday, March 27, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 3 Episode 12

We are almost at the end of the season now and things are really hotting up! Fiona tries to weed out the next Supreme and she starts with Queenie who is on to her. Fiona is wasting away from her cancer and she knows that she does not have long left. Queenie sees Papa Legba who tells her that she can go to hell and back. She travels back to the worst time in her life and realises that it was hell. She goes to find Delphine who is working as a tour guide in her own house. She has killed the real tour guide. Queenie tries to help her, but she won't take it, so Queenie kills her. Delphine finds herself in hell and her daughter is being tortured over and over by Marie for eternity. Papa Legba leaves them to their suffering.

Cordelia has a vision when she hugs Fiona. She sees that Fiona has killed everyone in the coven and that she is still Supreme. She goes to see the axeman and tells him that Fiona is selfish to the core and she can't love anyone but herself. Cordelia and Queenie dig up Misty Day and they bring her back to life. She comes back  Zoe and Kyle come back to the school and Zoe tells them that she thinks that she is the new Supreme. The axeman comes to the school and tries to attack the witches, but they stop him. He is covered in blood and Cordelia has a vision that it is her mother's. She sees that he has killed Fiona in her vision. They kill him and then they hang a portrait of Fiona on the wall, suggesting that she has died like all of the others in the portraits. There will be a test for all of the witches to find the new Supreme. It is called the Seven Wonders and they are all going to perform it.


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