Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 9

The action continues on from the last time when The Governor met his end after storming the prison.
This episode is a slow one where not much happens. Michonne gets herself two walker pals and drags them around with her to help her protect herself. Rick and Carl are in a bad way and they find a house to rest. Rick isn't in a good way and he needs to rest. They board up the house and Rick rests while Carl goes around killing a few walkers on his own. He is mad at Rick who is unconscious.

Carl goes looking for food in nearby houses. He is confronted by a walker and he locks it in a room and heads back to Rick. He sees Rick crawling around and wonders if he has been bitten, but he is okay and Carl is relieved as he doesn't want to be alone. Michonne sees the tracks that Rick and Carl have made and she goes looking for them. Rick comes to and he talks with Carl, telling him that he he is a man now. Michonne arrives at the house and sees Rick and Carl and is overjoyed. She knocks at the door and Rick tells Carl that it is for him and laughs.

A very slow episode with not much happening. It is setting up the story for future episodes I guess, but it is a bit dull.


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