Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Paranormal Activity :The Marked Ones Movie Review 323

Yes, there is another Paranormal Activity sequel. Who would have guessed? This is the fifth movie in the franchise. It is directed by Christopher B. Landon and it stars Andrew Jacobs, Jorge Diaz and Gabrielle Walsh.

In California, in 2012, a high school graduate called Jesse Arista(Jacobs) is living with his parents in an apartment complex. He has a video camera and decides to film everything. His best pal, Hector(Diaz) spy on a neighbour called Anna, who they think is a witch. She covers her windows with newspapers and they hear weird sounds coming from her place. She is found murdered in her apartment and Jesse and Hector decide to go into her place for a look. The cops have a suspect called Oscar, who Jesse knows. He is a young guy and he was spotted running from her apartment. They snoop around in her apartment and find that she has a basement and there are all weird things down there. There is a picture of Jesse which they find creepy and a book with some sort of weird writing in it about a portal which can be opened. They talk to their other friend, Marisol(Walsh) about it and they try to use the book to open the portal.

Jesse and Hector bring some chicks back to Anna's apartment for fun, but they leave when strange things happen. Oscar pops up looking like something out of Hell and he tells Jesse that he should kill himself before he hurts other people. Then he runs away and leaps off of the building to his death.
Jesse gets bitten in his sleep and he begins to change. He finds a picture of his mother who was pregnant with him at the time and she is with Anna and another woman who turns out to be the grandmother of Katie from the other movies. Jesse's grandmother senses the evil and she tries to help, but he kills her. He is turning into something horrible. He turns violent and they all end up at Katie's grandma's house where there are a coven of witches waiting for them. They are all killed and Jesse is still possessed at the end.

This movie was okay. It wasn't very good but it wasn't dire either. It is what you would expect from the sequels to Paranormal Activity so if you like the found footage movies, then this will be for you.

If you are tired of these hand held camera movies, then avoid this one because there is nothing new here. There are no surprises and the ending is what you would expect. I will give it a 4/10.


msmariah said...

This franchise seems to get worse with age. The first 2 were decent, but everything after that has been terrible.

Amanda said...

I agree. I think that this franchise needs to be put out of its misery. It's getting old at this point! Thanks for reading the blog!

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