Monday, June 16, 2014

Apartment 143 Movie Review 326

Apartment 143 is a 2012 horror movie directed by Carles Torrens and starring Gia Mantegna, Fiona Glascott and Michael O'Keefe.

A group of parapsychologists head to an apartment building to meet a guy called Alan White(Kai Lennox) who seems at the end of his tether. He tells them that there are odd things happening in the apartment and that he thinks that they might be ghostly. The team consists of the tech guy, Paul(Rick Gonzalez), the tech girl, Ellen(Glascott) and Dr. Helzer(O'Keefe). They set up theior equipment in the apartment and they see the rest of the family. Alan's daughter, Caitlin(Mantegna) is a real handful and she is rude and horrible to Alan as she blames him for her mother's untimely death. Alan has a son called Benny too.

The team finds out that Alan's wife died in a car crash and that he was with his two children at the time. Alan thinks that it might be her haunting the apartment.Strange things start to happen and it seems that there is something in the apartment that is not happy. They see ghostly figures and things move around. Dr. Helzer talks to Alan about his wife and he discovers that she was sick. She was mentally ill and she went crazy the day she died. She was in a rage and she hit a tree with her car. He tells the doctor that Caitlin thinks that it was all his fault because he argued with her before her death.
Alan sends Benny off to his grandad and he and the others talk. Dr. Helzer thinks that Caitlin might be the cause of the disturbance and that she is schizophrenic like her mother.

They challenge Caitlin and she is possessed with something. It seems as if she was the one who was bringing all of the forces into the apartment with her rage. She is taken away and everyone leaves the apartment, happy. Of course, that isn't the end of it and there is a last shot of Alan's wife crawling around on the ceiling. So, it was haunted all along...An okay movie. It is very like Paranormal Activity and all of those movies, so be warned. I enjoyed it, but there wasn't any surprises. A mediocre effort. I give it 5/10.


Tony Briley said...

I agree with your score on this one. It was decent, but I kept feeling throughout the movie that it just wasn't quite getting there. There was a few eerie and scary scenes but overall I didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped.

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