Monday, August 4, 2014

More Amityville Movies!!

Just when you thought that they couldn't milk it anymore, they have! More Amityville movies. The new one will be out next year. I liked the first few, but when it started to get into the double digits, I lost interest. The remake of the original was bad enough, but this is another beginning. It's boring at this stage. I love the original movie and it will always be my favourite as it has that spooky feeling and good actors. Of course, being a glutton for punishment, I will probably force myself to watch the new one anyway, but really, it is time to leave the franchise alone at this stage, especially since the quality of the later movies is very bad. Twelve movies should be enough but I think that there will be more. This is just the beginning.....


Anonymous said...

Like many, the original Amityville scared the pants off of me. I was 11 years old and for some reason my otherwise very conservative father decided it would be a good idea to take me. I didn't sleep for months (and after I did finally learn to easily fall asleep again, I went to see Friday the 13th!).

What scared me at the time was not only the plot but the "true" events. There were a couple of interesting sequels, but after so many and then the disappointment of finding out the story was not true, I agree that it's time to lay it to rest and quit having it literally haunting us forever.

I guess the idea for those making movies is to make money, and if they can peek an interest in the next generation who might have heard their parents (egad, or grandparents) talking about it then maybe they'll make a few.

But for those of us that have been around and seen it replayed for years, it's just taking up space in a theater.

Amanda said...

Yes, when you discover that the Amityville haunting is not so real, it is disappointing. I have read the book on which the movie is based and found that it was not believable. The original movie is the best one and it will always be my favourite Amityville film. Some of the sequels were good, but the remake sucked big time. I didn't like it at all. Now, another remake of sorts! It's too much really. This franchise has gone on long enough...But as long as they are making money out of it and getting teens to go and see these movies, they will remake anything!!!

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