Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Documenting the Grey Man Movie Review 341

Documenting the Grey Man is a 2011 found footage horror movie directed by Wayne Capps and starring Patrick Hussion.

There isn't much point in going into too much detail about the plot as it is pretty simple. This is a supposedly true story which is shown by a bit at the beginning telling us that a group of people went to do  documentary on the Grey Man,but they disappeared and the family disappeared too. The cops found the footage.... A group of filmmakers are interested in doing a documentary about ghosts and the hysteria people have about ghosts when their leader Mitch(Hussion) finds a family who have moved into a new house which is haunted by a local legend, the Grey Man. The family are scared and Mitch and his group decide to be fake paranormal investigators for their documentary. They are going to prove that it is not real and that the Grey Man doesn't exist. One of them, Chad, is going to the fake psychic and he will pretend that he sees or hears strange things in the house.

They meet the family, who have a young daughter. The daughter talks to an imaginary friend so you know that that will be the ghost. These movies always have the kid chatting to some friend who nobody else can see, and then of course it turns out to be evil...So, Mitch and the gang move into the house, look around and pretend that they are investigating the house. Guess what? The ghost turns out to be REAL and oh no- Mitch and the others are killed!!! The family are killed too by Casper and it turns out that he is not a friendly ghost! So, all in all, this dragged along for ages and nothing happened until the last few minutes which weren't bad, but it was too little, too late. This is not a great movie and the found footage thing has been done to death! I give this one a 3/10.


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