Monday, November 10, 2014

Annabelle Movie Review 343


Annabelle is a 2014 horror movie directed by John R.Leonetti and starring Annabelle Wallis and Alfre Woodard.

If you have seen The Conjuring, then this weird doll won't be a surprise to you. If you haven't, then there really isn't much to catch up on. Weirdo doll is possessed by an evil spirit and it brings misfortune to anyone who has it. This movie is about the first owners, Mia Form(Wallis) and her husband John(Ward Horton). John buys it for his wife who loves those creepy dolls. She loves it and puts it with the rest. She is pregnant. One night, a man and a woman from a cult break in and try to kill them after already murdering their neighbours. Mia is stabbed,but she is okay. The cops come and kill the man, but the woman has committed suicide and is holding the Annabelle doll. Now, just let me say that if I saw that creepy ass doll anywhere near my house, I would take it and smash the hell out of it and burn it. End of story.

Time goes by and Mia asks John to throw the doll in the thrash as she can't look at it anymore. He does so. They move house once she has the baby but the doll shows up in a box. Things get weird as the doll seems to cause all sorts of things to happen. It becomes apparent that the doll is bringing the Devil into their house. Mia meets a woman called Evelyn(Woodard) whose daughter died and she works in a bookstore.She gives Mia a book in which there is something about demons wanting souls and this is what Mia thinks is happening. The demon wants her daughter's soul and when she refuses to give it up, the demon wants hers. It runs off with her baby and she tries to get it back. She tries to kill herself to save the baby, but Evelyn does it instead and the baby returns, safe and sound. The couple move on and Annabelle is last seen in a shop being sold to some other victim..

This movie was not good. If you have seen The Conjuring, then this will come as a huge disappointment.It was full of horror cliches and there were only one or two scary moments when you get to see the demon. The rest of the film was just the usual jumpy moments and the fact that the doll does very little doesn't help. No eyes moving or little feet scuttling across the floor. The doll was dull.
The movie was dull. Disappointing. I give this 4/10.


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