Monday, December 8, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 5

This episode begins with Abraham and his group. They are on the bus travelling when it suddenly breaks down and is on fire. The group have to abandon the bus and their stuff . A group of walkers approach them and they fight. They manage to kill them.Eugene saves Tara's life and she is grateful to him. He is a bit strange though because he is a peeping tom. He watches Abraham and Rosita having sex and he is caught by Tara. He tells her that he sabotaged the bus so that they would have to return to the church and safety. Tara warns him not to do anything like that again. She agrees not to tell the others.

They discover a fire truck and they ride along in that for a while, but it breaks down. They fight off more walkers. They discover a horrible smell along the road and they see a gigantic group of walkers in the road ahead. The group realise that they can't fight them all , but Abraham wants to go through them with Eugene. It is then that Eugene admits that he lied. He has no cure. He was just pretending so that he would be useful to Abraham. Abraham is furious and he beats him up. Everyone is in shock. He kneels on the road and just cries. Cut to a flashback where Abraham is with his wife and two children in a supermarket. He kills some people and the wife and kids are afraid of him. They leave while he is asleep and he finds their bodies outside, eaten by walkers. He is going to kill himself when Eugene appears and tells him that he has a cure. Abraham decides that he will protect him and get him to Washington.

Interesting episode with some insight into Abraham. I like his character. Eugene turned out to be a complete liar so I don't know where the group will go from here.


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