Friday, January 2, 2015

American Horror Story Season 4, Episode 4

This episode continues on with the Edward Mordrake storyline. He looks around the freak show for his soul and he talks to the freaks who have sad stories about their lives. He doesn't take any of them. He talks to Elsa who tells him that she was a dominatrix in Germany and that she was put into a snuff movie against her will. Her legs were cut off before she was rescued. He is going to take her but he is distracted by something else.

Jimmy and Maggie are walking when they see Twisty chasing one of his hostages. He catches her and takes her back to his van. Dandy is there too. Jimmy and Maggie follow and see what is going on. Dandy catches them and he knocks them out. When they come to, they are held captive and watch Dandy and Twisty giving the hostages a show. Dandy is going to cut Maggie in half and Twisty is about to kill Jimmy when Mordrake appears. He wants to know Twisty's story. Twisty tells him that once he was a good clown, but he was simple. The carnival people turned against him and accused him of molesting children.

He couldn't work anywhere as a clown and his life went downhill from there. He tried to blow his head off but it didn't work and he blew his mouth off hence the smiley mask. He was trying to save the children from mean parents and that is why he kills. Mordrake says that he is the one and he kills him. Twisty goes with Mordrake and his group and it is shown that his face is whole again. Dandy has been watching and he sees Twisty's body. He takes his mask and is going to continue on where he left off. Jimmy and Maggie have run off and told the cops who show up and proclaim them heroes for catching the killer. The curfew is lifted and the townsfolk come to the freak show to show their appreciation. Meanwhile, Dandy returns home and has a confrontation with the housekeeper Dora. He slashes her throat and smiles..

A very good episode which saw the end of Twisty and the beginning of evil Dandy. He is a good character and I think that it will be interesting to see how far he will go to satisfy his blood lust.


msmariah said...

I thought this two-parter was the best episode of the season, perhaps the best few episodes in a while. The whole Edward Mordrake/Twisty the clown storyline was just brilliant. Loved, loved, loved this ep.

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