Monday, January 5, 2015

The Sleeper Movie Review 347

The Sleeper is a 2012 horror/thriller movie directed by Justin Russell and starring Brittany Belland.

This film is a homage to the 70's/80's slasher movies and there are plenty of similarities to Black Christmas to name just one. I have to say that it is done well and you can tell that the director does love those movies as this film is a tribute to those great slashers. The movie revolves around a killer called The Sleeper who is out to murder some college girls. He has photographs of young women and he is crossing them off one by one.  In 1979, he broke into a sorority house and killed a young woman. Then it cuts to present day, 1981 and a group of college girls are on the hit list of the Sleeper. Amy(Belland) and her gal pal, Ava(Ali Ferda) are going to a sorority party for Alpha Gamma Thetas, the sorority Amy is thinking of joining. Ava is not so keen. This brings back the killer for some reason.

He breaks into the sorority house and kills one of the girls and hides her body(Black Christmas, anyone?).
The girls start to drop like flies after this. The Sleeper is back and he is on a rampage. The girls call in a Detective Drake(E. Ray Goodwin) to help them. The Sleeper is calling the house making funny noises on the phone a la Black Christmas. The cops want the girls to stay on the line long enough so they can get a trace which they do. The killer is in a some cellar and he has his pictures on the wall. Drake goes back to the house as he knows that the killer is heading there, but he is too late as the killer is already there and he has killed the cops who were watching the house. He wants Amy. Drake gets wounded by him and the killer flees. Drake knows that he will be back so he tells Amy to get to a payphone and call for back up. The killer chases her as she tries to  get to a phone. He eventually closes in on her but she manages to stab him. 

Amy finds the cops as they arrive and she tells them what happened. She passes out and wakes up in hospital. She asks about the killer and is informed that he has been caught. She is reassure. The phone rings by her bedside and it is.....the killer! She screams..This was a good movie and I really enjoyed the retro slasher feel about it. I was impressed with it and I would recommend this to any slasher fan. It reminds me of the old horror movies which were so much fun, even though they were so simple. It gets a 7/10.


Susan Leighton said...

The trailer had me nostalgic for the films of my formative years. After reading the review I definitely have to see this homage! Thanks for turning me on to this!

Amanda said...

You're welcome. I liked that it was an homage to those great 80's slashers. It is enjoyable and good fun!!

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