Saturday, May 30, 2015

Deadly Games Movie Review 358

Deadly Games is a 1982 horror movie directed by Scott Mansfield and starring Alexandra Morgan and Jo Ann Harris.

The story is pretty basic here. A masked killer is going all over town murdering innocent women. One woman, Linda(Morgan)who gets killed has a sister who just happens to be a reporter. She is nicknamed Keegan(Harris) and she comes to town to find out what happened to her sister. The local cop, Roger(Sam Groom) is investigating the case and he is not sure that it was murder as Linda fell through a window to her death after running from the killer, but the cops don't know that yet. Keegan meets some old pals of hers.
She left the town years ago and she sees some people she used to know. She stays at Linda's house.

Keegan meets a local weirdo called Billy(Steve Railsback) who runs the local cinema and he is a suspect in the killings.Some of the film has Keegan wandering around town meeting with Roger and having a relationship with him even though he is married. Hmm.What the hell has that to do with the story? I don't really know.Roger and Keegan go to the cinema and meet Billy. They all play a game together. It is all lovely.Keegan begins to suspect that Roger might be involved in the killings. Oh now! What happens to their budding romance now? Anyway, this movie ends on a bad note and it is not one of the best ones that I have watched from the 1980's.

This was a bit tame for me. There wasn't much to scare anybody. It isn't too bad, but I wouldn't watch it and expect to be on the edge of my seat! Just a warning and the ending isn't great. I am going to be kind and give this one a 4/10 as I did manage to make it to the end without fast forwarding it....


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