Sunday, July 26, 2015

Insidious :Chapter Three Movie Review 364

Insidious:Chapter Three is a 2015 horror movie directed by Leigh Whannell and starring Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott and Lin Shaye.

If you have watched the first two movies in this franchise, then the story won't be surprising to you and you will know something about this. A young girl called Quinn Brenner(Scott) is trying to contact her mother who died of cancer. She visits a woman called Elise Rainier(Shaye) to help her as she can speak to the dead. Now, if you know the previous movies, then Elise will be no stranger to you/ She has retired from her ghost hunting days and she doesn't want to go back there after the death of her husband, Jack who committed suicide. She tells Quinn that she can't help her and warns her not to try and contact the spirit of her mother alone. Of course, that is what Quinn does and then strange things happen to her her. She gets knocked down by a car after she stops to look at some weird figure waving at her. Her dad, Sean(Mulroney) is worried about her and he brings her home to recuperate.

Quinn has two broken legs so she cannot move around on her own. She has to use a wheelchair. She hears weird things and she has nightmarish visions of an old man wearing an oxygen mask. Her dad goes to see Elise and begs her for help. She comes to his aid and enters a place called The Further to find out what is going on but she gets confronted by the Bride in Black and she is afraid. She won't help them anymore.
They call in two guys called Specs(Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson) to help. These two are supposedly ghost hunters, but they are really just amateurs. They get scared when the demon becomes real and they want to run but Elise shows up and tells them that they can work with her to get this demon out of Quinn.

Elise goes to The Further and confronts the Bride in Black and tells her to back off. She searches for Quinn so that she can free her spirit from the demon.The demon has half of Quinn's soul and it is getting more and more. Elise battles with it but she needs help and she gets it from Quinn's mother who vanquishes the demon.Quinn is okay and everything is good. Elise decides to work with Specs and Tucker to get rid of demons on a permanent basis. Elise returns home to find that there is a demon with her. It is the red faced demon from the other movies. This is a prequel, so it all wraps up well.

Now, I was looking forward to this movie, so it was a huge disappointment when I saw that it was PG13. I knew that this was not a good sign. It was completely tame compared to the other two films. I was not impressed with it. I liked a few scenes with the demon, but it was too slow, too silly and it was just not scary.
I loved the first two films and this was not up to that standard at all. What a pity. The teenage girl was irritating and I just didn't care if she got taken by the demon. For that reason, I will give it a 5/10 and that is being kind.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Nothing But The Night Movie Review 363

Nothing But The Night is a 1973 horror movie directed by Peter Sasdy and starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Diana Dors and Gwyenth Strong.

This film was one that I had never heard of before so I was happy to watch it. I liked the cast and the premise seemed interesting. The movie revolves around trustees of the Van Traylen fund which helps people. The trustees are being killed off in strange 'accidents'. A bus with 30 children on it and more trustees crashes. There is one survivor- a young girl called Mary Valley(Strong). She is in hospital and Dr. Haynes(Keith Barron) wants to talk to her about what happened. He is a psychiatrist and he thinks that Mary might hold the key to discovering who is committing these crimes. Mary's mother is a nasty woman called Anna Harb(Diana Dors) and she wants her daughter home with her. She goes to the hospital to get her back, but Mary is scared of her. Anna goes to a reporter called Joan Foster(Georgia Brown) to help her but it doesn't work.

Dr. Haynes has a supervisor called Mark Ashley(Cushing) and he is helping the doctor with the case. He is also helping Colonel Bingham (Lee) , a police officer who is investigating all of the accidents. When Haynes is murdered in the hospital, there is suspicion that it might be Anna Harb who did it.Mary wants to go back to the orphanage where she lives on an island. Miss Foster listens to the tapes that Dr. Haynes made of his sessions with Mary while she was under hypnosis. She says strange things about a fire. Anna goes to the island to get her daughter back.The police are there to stop her. They are patrolling the orphanage, but they are not allowed inside the grounds by the staff.Miss Foster goes to the island for some answers too.

Two men discover one of the orphanage kids dead in the woods. The boy was stabbed and they think that it is like a ritual murder. Miss Foster thinks that Mary might be psychic.Colonel and Mark investigate the orphanage and discover that there are two prominent brain surgeons working there. Why would they be there? Everything gets complicated from here and it is discovered that Mary is not a young girl. She has had another personality transplanted into her brain by the surgeons. She is actually another woman and that is why Mary was having nightmares about a fire. The Colonel goes to a bonfire that the kids are having and he sees Anna roasting on the fire. Mary is the evil leader and the kids do what she says. She tells them to kill him. Mary killed her mother and everyone else too. The staff are all in on it too. Miss Foster and Mark arrive just in time to save the Colonel. Mary gets burned by the fire and she falls from a cliff. The other children follow her.

This was an interesting movie. I liked the cast and I liked the story, especially the ending. It was entertaining and it was fun. I like 1970's horror movies and this was one that had slipped through my net. It is worth a watch. I will give it a 6/10.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Evictors Movie Review 362

The Evictors is a 1979 thriller directed by Charles B.Pierce and starring Jessica Harper(Suspiria) and Michael Parks(Twin Peaks).

The movie revolves around a house in Louisiana. There was a shootout there in 1928 between three criminals and the cops.The criminals have been served eviction notices, but they don't want to leave. They get killed in the shootout. In 1942, Ben Watkins(Parks) and his wife Ruth(Harper) buy the house and move into it. They are unaware of the stories connected with the house. The townsfolk are frosty towards them and they don't understand why. They get notes telling them to leave the house. They think that it is kids at first. A local man tells them about the murders at the house Other residents of the house have all died in mysterious circumstances. Ruth talks to the local estate agent about the killings and wonders why they were not told about them before they moved in. Ruth hears things when she is alone in the house and she tells Ben about it. They look around and find footprints inside their house which makes them nervous.

Ruth goes to visit her neighbour and talks to her about the house.Her neighbour tells her about the other residents of the house. They all died. Ruth becomes afraid to be in the house alone. Ben tells the Sheriff what happened, but he doesn't seem too eager to help them. They get guns for protection. A local man breaks into the house and attacks Ben. He is going to rape Ruth when Ben shoots him and dies. It turns out that the neighbour has been the baddie all along. She and her partner have been living next door to the house that they were in all those years ago. They escaped the shootout and they hid away for years, killing all of the residents of the house. The two killers fall out and end up dead. Five years later and Ruth has married the estate agent. She doesn't know that he was one of the criminals who were in the house in 1928 and he escaped too. The house is now vacant again....

This was a mediocre thriller. It wasn't really gripping in a lot of parts, but there were some tense scenes. I liked the lead actors. The story was OK but it was a little slow in parts. All in all, this will pass a couple of hours for you, but if you are looking for real action, then this isn't it. I will give it a 5/10.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Patrick Macnee-A Tribute.

Patrick Macnee was a British actor best known for his role as John Steed in the 1960's TV show, The Avengers. He had a long career which included TV and film roles. He starred in a lot of movies before and after The Avengers but it is that role that defined him for many people. He starred in a 1972 movie called Incense for the Damned which I will be reviewing soon with Peter Cushing and also in The Howling which is now a cult classic. He also popped up in This Is Spinal Tap, another cult classic. He starred in the Bond movie, A View to A Kill as an ally of Bond and he was in Waxwork and the sequel which were not bad horror movies. On TV, he was in a lot of shows such as The Twlight Zone, Columbo and of course, The New Avengers, where he reprised his role as Mr John Steed. He continued to act in his later life but not as much. He died at his home in California. He was 93.

To me, Patrick Macnee will always be associated with John Steed in the The Avengers. That show is a cult classic and deservedly so. I love the stories and the ridiculous plots in the episodes, especially in the later seasons. John Steed was the quintessential British gentleman in a time when it was dying out. In the show, he is always impeccably dressed with his trademark umbrella and bowler hat. He always has a witty remark and he rarely gets his feathers ruffled by anything, even when his life is in danger. He is undeniably British and proudly so. His career has been in the army and he has been working with British Intelligence Organisations. He has the rank of Major and he is well respected by his peers. He gets to fight crime with a beautiful woman by his side who is just as capable of kicking butts as he is. Macnee was the perfect choice for Steed and now, you could not imagine anyone else in the role.

I will always remember him as Mr. John Steed and I think that many people will too. He was such a great actor in that role and I think that the show would not have been a success without him....I will leave it at that with one of the iconic lines from the show- Mrs. Peel, we're needed....

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