Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Evictors Movie Review 362

The Evictors is a 1979 thriller directed by Charles B.Pierce and starring Jessica Harper(Suspiria) and Michael Parks(Twin Peaks).

The movie revolves around a house in Louisiana. There was a shootout there in 1928 between three criminals and the cops.The criminals have been served eviction notices, but they don't want to leave. They get killed in the shootout. In 1942, Ben Watkins(Parks) and his wife Ruth(Harper) buy the house and move into it. They are unaware of the stories connected with the house. The townsfolk are frosty towards them and they don't understand why. They get notes telling them to leave the house. They think that it is kids at first. A local man tells them about the murders at the house Other residents of the house have all died in mysterious circumstances. Ruth talks to the local estate agent about the killings and wonders why they were not told about them before they moved in. Ruth hears things when she is alone in the house and she tells Ben about it. They look around and find footprints inside their house which makes them nervous.

Ruth goes to visit her neighbour and talks to her about the house.Her neighbour tells her about the other residents of the house. They all died. Ruth becomes afraid to be in the house alone. Ben tells the Sheriff what happened, but he doesn't seem too eager to help them. They get guns for protection. A local man breaks into the house and attacks Ben. He is going to rape Ruth when Ben shoots him and dies. It turns out that the neighbour has been the baddie all along. She and her partner have been living next door to the house that they were in all those years ago. They escaped the shootout and they hid away for years, killing all of the residents of the house. The two killers fall out and end up dead. Five years later and Ruth has married the estate agent. She doesn't know that he was one of the criminals who were in the house in 1928 and he escaped too. The house is now vacant again....

This was a mediocre thriller. It wasn't really gripping in a lot of parts, but there were some tense scenes. I liked the lead actors. The story was OK but it was a little slow in parts. All in all, this will pass a couple of hours for you, but if you are looking for real action, then this isn't it. I will give it a 5/10.


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