Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 1

So, here comes the new season of The Walking Dead! We left off the last time with Rick taking over in Alexandria. This season begins with Rick and some others looking into a quarry where tons of walkers have come together. He is trying to come up with a plan to destroy them and keep them away from Alexandria.
There is a flashback to what happened before this. Deanna is not too happy with Father Gabriel for making her believe that Rick and his group were troublemakers and should not be trusted. Some of the others are burying Deanna's husband and Pete, the guy that Rick killed in the last season. Rick thinks that Pete does not belong inside the walls and he tells them to bury him outside with Deanna's agreement. Pete's son, Ron is upset by this and he follows them to see where his dad will be laid to rest.

Ron draws a group of walkers on himself and Rick saves him. He discovers the quarry and realises that the walkers were trapped in there and couldn't go to Alexandria, but now, the place is crumbling and they are able to escape. Rick comes up with a plan to lure them away from Alexandria to somewhere else where they can be destroyed. Some of the people in the town are not too happy about this and some of them plan to get rid of Rick. They get caught by Rick who then gets them to help him for everyone's sake. So, now we are back to real time and Daryl and a few others are luring the herd away the walkers and the plan seems to be working. 

They all watch the walkers to make sure that there are no stragglers. Unfortunately, one of the group gets bitten by a walker and screams,attracting more. Rick has to kill him to shut him up. Suddenly, they hear a horn blaring and it seems to be coming from the direction of Alexandria. Is there trouble afoot? The walkers start heading back towards there and Rick and company head back too, wondering what is going on.
This was a decent premiere. I am interested to see what is going to happen next and will the group stay on in Alexandria or will they get going again...I know that I will be watching to find out!
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