Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cheerleader Camp Movie Review 374

Cheerleader Camp a.k.a. Bloody Pom Poms is a 1988 horror movie directed by John Quinn and starring Betsy Russell, Leif Garrett and Lucinda Dickey.

A group of cheerleaders and their pals are going to Camp Hurrah to enter a competition. The head cheerleader is Alison(Russell) and she is having nightmares about people dying at the camp. Her friends are Pamela(Teri Weigel),Bonnie(Lorie Griffin),Theresa(Rebecca Ferratti), her boyfriend Brent(Garrett) and his friend Tim(Travis McKenna) who has a video camera. Along for the ride is the team mascot Cory(Dickey). They arrive and see all of the other teams there and meet the acidic Miss Tipton(Vickie Benson). She is the camp leader and then there is the camp handyman, Pop(George 'Buck' Flower). He is a little odd.

So, the action begins when Alison finds one the cheerleaders dead in her bed with slashed wrists. She is unnerved by this as it is eerily similar to a nightmare that she had. She finds the dead girl in the freezer and she calls the cops. Miss Tipton tells the Sheriff that they did not report the death as it would ruin the competition. She was waiting for the weekend to be over before she reported it. Alison's boyfriend has an eye for the ladies, especially her friend Pam and he tries it on with her. When she won't oblige, he leaves her alone in the woods. She gets killed. The others wonder where she is. Alison has a dream in which SHE kills Pam. What is real and what is imagined?

People begin to drop like flies and Alison wonders if her dreams are reality. Is she the killer. She confides in Cory and tells her friend of her worries.Cory thinks that Brent might be the killer. They then think that it might be Pop but this turns out not to be the case. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Alison is convinced by Cory to shoot Brent as he is the killer, but Alison realises too late that he is not. The cops come and think that she killed everyone, but it was Cory. Cory frames Alison and tells the cops that it was Alison who murdered them. Alison is taken away, protesting her innocence as Cory dresses up in a cheerleading outfit and cheers.

I enjoyed this movie. It was good fun . I knew that it was Cory from the start. It was pretty easy to see but it didn't matter really as it was entertaining. This is a by the numbers slasher movie and I would recommend it as I liked it. I will give it a 6/10.


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