Friday, November 6, 2015

The House in Marsh Road Movie Review 373

The House in Marsh Road is a 1960 British horror movie directed by Montgomery Tully and starring Tony Wright, Patricia Dainton and Sandra Dorne.

David Linton(Wright) and his wife Jean(Dainton) are living hand to mouth and they are both sick of it. They have no home and money is very tight. Jean wants something better, She is left money and a house when an aunt of hers dies. She is delighted as now she and David have somewhere to call home. The house has a reputation as it is reputed to be haunted. David and Jean move into it. Jean loves it straight away but David thinks that they should sell it. He gets talking to a local man in the pub and he gets an offer for the house.
David tells Jean about it, but she refuses and this causes tension between them.

David wants to write a novel and he needs a typist. He hears about this local woman called Valerie(Dorne). She is an attractive woman and when David meets her, he falls for her immediately. They get on well.
He is annoyed with Jean as she will not let him sell the house and she holds all of the money. He begins an affair with Valerie. Soon, he begins to think that his life would be better without his wife and he comes up with a plan to kill her off. He can have the house and then he and Valerie can have a life together. He tries to kill her once, but it backfires on him. It seems as though the house does not like him and when he tries to push Jean down a lift shaft, it will not allow him to. He then finds sleeping pills that Jean had and he decides to kill her by putting them into her milk.

He gives her the milk, but every time that Jean takes a drink, an awful noise starts and she cannot stand it. She realises that the house is warning her and she realises that he has put something into her drink. His attempt fails and the next day, Jean leaves the house as she has to go somewhere. David brings Valerie into the house and they end up in bed together. The house is angry and they find that they are trapped as the house burns itself down. They die in the blaze and Jean comes back just in time to see the house ablaze.
The house has punished the guilty and Jean is free to live her life in peace.

I liked this film. It was interesting. The scares are very tame compared to movies these days, but I did enjoy it and you do find that David and Valerie deserve the horrible death that they receive. It is a rare movie, but if you can find it, have a look. It was good fun. I will give it a 6/10.


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