Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 6

Daryl and the group are heading along leading the walkers away when they are shot at by unknown assailants. Sasha and Abraham return fire and Daryl drives away. He ends up in the woods where he falls from his bike. He tries to get in contact with Abraham but he can't. He's hurt and he finds two girls alone in the woods. He gets hit from behind. He wakes up tied up. Some guy pulls a gun on him and tells him to get up and get moving. They tell him that they might hand him over to 'them'. They tell Daryl that they set the woods on fire and killed loads of walkers. They thought that everyone was fighting the walkers but they didn't realise that everyone was dead. They think that Daryl is with the
bad guys.

They are searching for one of their group. They see walkers everywhere and they think that she is dead. Daryl grabs their bag and runs. He tries to make contact with Abraham but to no avail. He gets his crossbow back and finds insulin in the bag. Sasha and Abraham wonder why the people fired on them. They think that they were waiting for someone else. They try and get in touch with Daryl. They wonder where he is. Sasha thinks that they should stay put for the moment. Abraham finds a military uniform. Sasha and Abraham have a chat about life.

Daryl returns the insulin to the group. A truck appears in the woods and people tell them that they have to go back with them. Daryl helps them run. The group wonder why he came back to save them. Abraham finds rocket launchers but he has to wrestle with a walker to get the gun. He can't kill it. It falls off and leaves the grenade launcher. He takes it back to Sasha. Abraham likes Sasha and he wants to get to know her better. Daryl and co go back to their base, but it is all destroyed. One of their group gets bitten and dies. Daryl tells them about Alexandria. The guy pulls a gun on Daryl again. They take his bike and head off, Daryl is pissed off. He finds a truck and goes to collect Abraham and Sasha. They hear a cry for help on the radio.

This was a good episode with some new characters. I am looking forward to the next episode!


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